The coffee blog is finally happening. Ever since getting into specialty coffee (back in February) I’ve had the idea of starting a small blog to keep track of the journey. It’d be small and personal, mostly for me. Now that the obsession has gotten insane, the urge to create this blog increased and well, here we go.

What To Expect

If I get a new coffee in, I’ll share it. If I visit a new coffee shop or try a new coffee/drink somewhere, I’ll share it. If I learn something new, I’ll share it. Kind of simple, but if one person can take something away from it then I’m happy.

How I Got Into Specialty Coffee

This should probably be in a separate post, but we’ll go with it here. Like I said at the beginning, this journey began back in February (on my birthday of all things). My mom and I took a day trip down to Savannah, GA and went to The Coffee Fox. I can’t remember how I got wind of the Chemex, but they were the first shop I came across online that offered it. Looking back it’s quite funny that I was THAT excited over a Chemex.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

While ordering it they gave me the choice between two countries, I was clueless on the difference. I watched as they made it and the hands-on process made me fall in love (the same way film photography hooked me). There’s a more personal touch and human element to something created with your hands and not made my pressing a button. So the coffee came and I was blown away. I could drink it black and it was amazing.

At this time all I had was a Keurig so after trying coffee through a Chemex I wanted one really bad. Little did I know how far down the rabbit hole I’d get sucked into. Later that day we swung by Whole Foods (this was another first, I know…) and I bought my very own Chemex and what I’m assuming was the same coffee I had earlier – PERC COFFEE’s Ethiopian Gera.

Since then the obsession has only gotten worse, but I couldn’t be happier. The crazy part is that prior to all this, I wasn’t really a fan of coffee. The quality of specialty coffee is so worth the extra money and makes it tastes like you’re not even drinking coffee. I had a Yirgacheffe once that tasted just like sweet tea if you flash brewed it in the Chemex. Crazy.

I have a ton of ideas for content so I really hope you guys enjoy and can take a little something away from this. If you have questions, you can find me on Instagram (@_manualcoffee_). Have a great Monday!


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