Brewing Coffee on Vacation

I’m rather behind getting this blog stuff set up. This was all supposed to be going 2 weeks ago before I headed out of town. Technically it was going (on a Tumblr I made), but for some reason I could never get photos to load into a post. If they did load it only made the post un-postable… And here I go making up words. But long story short, the blog is finally going, and this will be the semi official home/blog of Only Manual Coffee for the time being. I’d still love to have it on SquareSpace, but I’m cheap and my priorities are weird.

Anyways, if you’ve found the blog you probably already know I went on vacation and took some equipment with me. I decided on the Chemex simply because it can make such a big batch and I wanted that in case some family members wanted coffee – which they did so +2 for me on bringing the Chemex. Another cool part was making a ton of flashed brew coffee and putting in my Hydro Flask to take to the beach. Thankfully it never got crazy hot, but having iced coffee on the beach was a nice change of pace.


I’d never traveled with coffee gear so I ended up using a cooler minus the hard plastic insert to carry everything. Surprisingly it all fit nicely. I ended up taking the Chemex, some filters in a ziploc bag, my Bonavita kettle, thermometer, and two plastic containers that held 200g of coffee each.

As far as coffee goes, the week prior to leaving I ordered two bags – an Ethiopian from Ruby Coffee Roasters and another Ethiopian from Crema. You can’t go wrong with an Ethiopian, especially iced.




To pick one coffee as a favorite is something I can’t do. Every coffee has it’s own uniqueness and to say one is better than the other isn’t right. We all have our preference, like I love Ethiopians. Of these two, my personal favorite is the Uraga from Ruby. The amount of sweetness in it is crazy. Is it better than the Kochere from Crema? Absolutely not. Over the vacation I actually went to Crema in Nashville and had their Kochere as an iced coffee and the fruit notes in it were hitting so hard. I’d kill to have it on tap here at home.

But back to brewing coffee on vacation. Would I recommend bringing a Chemex? Yes and no. Depends on if it’s for you or a group of people. I don’t have a decanter big enough to make a huge batch with the V60, otherwise I’d brought it, or even the Aeropress. From the packing perspective, the Aeropress would’ve been a lot smarter. But personally I love the clarity the Chemex produces.



Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset



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