Angels Cup

First off, Happy 4th of July!!

This really isn’t too much of a review, it’s not like I’m going to say “oh, they could do this better, that better.” No.. They’re incredible. This is more of a “if you don’t have a subscription to Angels Cup, go sign up now” kind of review.

At $10 per shipment, for the “Cupping Flight”, it’s a no-brainer. You get 4 – 32 g samples from various roasters/regions, typically ones you probably wouldn’t just go out and buy at first. Like me for example, I’m hooked on Kenya and Ethiopia. This shipment of coffee, minus the last one I brewed (an Ethiopian), were all completely new to me. Even the Ethiopian though was from a brand new roaster I’d never heard of – Black Oak Roasters – so I’ll definitely be checking them out and ordering from them in the future.

With Angels Cup have the option to do weekly, biweekly, or monthly shipments, so for $40/month you can try 16 different coffees every month. Crazy. Right now I’m on the biweekly plan, but I’ll probably be moving over to the weekly soon. My pallet needs a lot of help and the best way to work on it is by trying as many different coffees as possible.

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Zambia Kateshi – Square One Coffee

[Pineapple // Cashew // Rye // Salt]

This was probably the more interesting one of the bunch, but at the same time my least favorite. You go into these cups blind, and this one wasn’t bad…at the beginning. The aftertaste is where it hit me. I couldn’t figure it out. Never expected coffee to be salty. It was almost as if I had just ate a bunch of boiled peanuts or something. With that said, I’m really curious to try another Zambia for comparison.

With this cup, I learned that coffee can taste salty and I want to try another single origin from Zambia.

Congo Sopacdi – One Line Coffee

[Peach, Orange, Vanilla, Bubblegum]

Yup, bubblegum! I didn’t quite find it, but it was super sweet. It mentions the roaster calling for jackfruit, which I’ve never tried, so that’s been added to the list of things to try out.

With this one (and the next one), I discovered coffee from Congo and also One Line Coffee. They have the coolest pour over menu I’ve ever seen. They have a huge list of single origins that you can get done as a V60 – iced or hot – and also in a 12oz package. It kind of sparked a thought in my mind if a shop could go 100% pour over and not feature espresso. After talking to others about it, having espresso only makes sense. Anyways, that’s something for another post.

Colombia San Pascual – One Line Coffee

[Blueberry, Grape, Vanilla, Chocolate]

Another one from the awesome people at One Line Coffee. This furthered my interest in them. I really enjoyed this cup. I didn’t get all the intensity that they mention – “Tons of blueberry and a grape flavor that’s so strong it almost tastes artificial. Like a purple ice pop.” I only had a sip of it while hot cause it was late. While hot, the vanilla really popped to me. I got this note thanks to some Jack Daniels Barrel Proof I tried a couple weeks ago. Since it was late when I brewed it up, I poured what I had left into a tumblr and put in the fridge. As I write this, I’m finishing it up. Iced, this stuff tastes INCREDIBLE.

This was my first ever (specialty coffee) from Colombia. I loved it. With how they talk about it in the card, I’m assuming Colombia doesn’t normally produce majorly fruity/sweet coffee, but I’m open to more Colombia now. And with it being from One Line, I’m more into them now.

Ethiopia Banko – Black Oak Coffee

[Blueberry, Cream, Raspberry]

This was a pretty complex cup for me. Couldn’t gather too much from it. I suck. It was good though. I always feel dumb when tasting coffee. If I can’t find any notes I resort to whether it’s sweet or not, and if it’s good or not. It was good. I’d recommend it. I actually went to their website looking for this to learn more about Banko, but it’s gone.

Despite being hooked on Ethiopians, I did learn from this cup. “Banko” is the Banko Gotiti Cooperative located in the southern district of Gedeb, Ethiopia. Since being majorly into Ethiopians I’ve taken a little time trying to learn all the regions I taste and where they’re located so this is a new one for me. Also new to me, is Black Oak Coffee. I can’t wait to start following these guys on Instagram and keeping up to date with them. I love their packaging.


With all that said, I’m looking forward to more from Angels Cup. This one flight alone has taught me a ton and opened my eyes more than I’ve been able to do on my own in a couple months. Specialty coffee has got to be the biggest rabbit hole ever and I seriously wouldn’t trade it for anything. So many possibilities, not to mention the family vibe it puts off. Everybody supports each other. It’s not cutthroat like so many other industries I’ve seen.

If you’ve read this far, THANK YOU.


Angels Cup – WEBSITE // [Instagram] @angelscup

Black Oak Coffee – WEBSITE // [Instagram] @blackoakcoffeeroasters

Square One Coffee – WEBSITE // [Instagram] @squareonecoffee

One Line Coffee – WEBSITE // [Instagram] @onelinecoffee



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