Land of a Thousand Hills

This probably has to be one of my favorite roasters, not only cause they’re located in Georgia, but because of their dedication/commitment to Rwanda. I learned of them back in around March while at Safehouse. One of their employees was getting a bag of coffee and we started chatting and he mentioned working at Land of a Thousand Hills. When I got home I visited their site and was drawn to their mission. So I bought a shirt.

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Atlanta and myself don’t really get along that well cause being from a small town, I’m not used to fighting with insane traffic for an hour to go a measly 5-10 miles.It’s dumb. But I’ve really been wanting to make a trip up there and try it out. Never got around to it though. While down in Savannah on vacation checking out The Front Porch in Pooler, I noticed they serve Land of a Thousand Hills coffee. SCOREEEEE! So after my ritualistic shot of espresso (a blend from PERC, so tasty), I tried a batch brew of the Muraho Morning…since it was morning time. Man, it was good. Before leaving I got an iced Chemex of the Muraho Morning cause that’s how I brew 90% of the time at home. Figured I’d try it iced and if good, pick up a bag later. It was gone before I got back on the road. While headed home a few days later I swung back by and got a bag of the Muraho Morning.

So fast forward a week or so, I’m back home and my buddy and I plan a little evening trip up to Atlanta. Of course I suggest Land of a Thousand Hills… When we get there I’m in heaven. It’s such a cool little shop. High end feeling, great atmosphere and super friendly staff. Again, I get a ritualistic shot of espresso.

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After sipping on that I go back and get a cortado. I’m not much on lattes anymore, unless it’s iced. I either go for a cortado or cappuccino.

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Both were fantastic. If I had more time, and money, I would’ve tried more cause they’re menu was pretty awesome.

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To learn more about Land of a Thousand Hills and how they not only support the farmers of Rwanda, but work hard to improve the communities over there, check out their WEBSITE and follow them on Instagram – @1000hillscoffee and @lothatlstation



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