Stagg Kettle by Fellow

By now this kettle isn’t anything new. You probably seen them in various shops for pour overs (in ones that haven’t switched to automated water dispensers – i.e. Mod Bar, etc.). They do come in a polished silver, but the matte black is probably what you remember. While in Greenville a few months ago I was checking out Methodical Coffee and on their shelf of items for sale, they had the blacked out Stagg kettle. It was around $70 and at that point in my specialty coffee/home brewing journey, I couldn’t justify it. I had a perfectly fine Bonavita kettle at home.

Fast forward to last week.

I’m bored so I open my podcast app to see if any new ones have been released. Sure enough, I Brew My Own Coffee has just uploaded one and it was an interview with the folks at Fellow so I checked it out. Well, later in the podcast they mentioned how the listeners could go to their website and take advantage of a 20% coupon until the end of the month (only like 2-3 days away at that point). On the website they were going for $69 + shipping, with the coupon it was $49 + like $5 shipping. Honestly, I didn’t need the kettle.

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But I bought it anyways…

I really wanted to order a new scale before a kettle, but 20%…might as well. Prior to ordering this my current scale was doing great, but now it’s starting to mess up on me. Could be the batteries, but I’m thinking it’s shorting out or something cause you have to click the on/off button 3-4 times before it’ll turn on or off and sometimes it goes to ounces instead of grams. My plan was to get an Acaia scale, but after really thinking about and talking to several people that own one, I’ll probably just save a little money and go with a Hario drip scale.


First off, it’s pretty B.A. looking. As far as functionality goes, it gets the job done. I only have prior experience with a Bonavita kettle (not the temperature control one or anything special). Compared to it, it’s a lot more quiet. When the Bonavita hits around 160 degrees it starts rumbling and making a lot of noise. Nothing crazy, but definitely noticeable.

The handle of the Stagg stays relatively cool compared to the Bonavita, which has some exposed metal that can be accidentally touched and yeah, not pleasant. 75% of the use of these Stagg kettles are probably in shops that use a tower, but to those using at home on a stove, it’s not bad at all.

More about the handle, it features a weight inside that counter balances the water making it easier to pour slow and precise. I recently started using my V60 more and with the Stagg I’ve found brewing on the V60 a lot easier. That’s a conversation for another post.

The temperature dial up top is really clear and easy to read. A lot clearer to read than my previous thermometer.


My only potential complaint is that it seemed to take forever to get up to temperature. But that was settled with a little head-to-head race with the Bonavita. I tried to keep everything as much the same as possible. 800g of water, high heat, first one to 200 degree wins.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

And we’re on!

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To my surprise, the Stagg won. It hit 200 degrees right at 9 minutes, while the Bonavita was at around 190 degree. This test was primarily for me. I didn’t want to get on here saying that my old kettle was faster without putting it to the test. Is this a big selling point? Absolutely not.

If you’re in the market for a new kettle, I’d definitely recommend it. I wouldn’t suggest running out tomorrow to pick one up and replace whatever you’re using with this. I’m definitely happy with the purchase though. It’s made brewing with the V60 a lot more enjoyable.


Fellow Products – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @fellowproducts

I Brew My Own Coffee podcast – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @brewmyowncoffee


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