Updated Hario Setup

Towards the end of last week I could tell my scale was starting to play out on me. Having just sold a camera I figured I’d upgrade a little and get the Hario Drip Scale. While browsing Prima Coffee I went and got a Hario 1000ml server too. On Saturday, my scale went bye bye. That left me coffee-less all day Sunday, which was pretty sad and sort of put me a little behind on the blog. Everything was set to arrive on Monday so no biggie.

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Hario Drip Scale

My old scale was a Taylor-something that I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond the weekend after purchasing my Chemex (back in February). So it had a really good run, a lot longer than I ever anticipated. If I’m being honest, I figured this was just going to be another phase I go through and give up in a month. Well, I proved myself wrong.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

So the Hario Drip Scale is tiny. I mean, fit in my pants pocket kind of tiny – yeah I tried it. It’s so much smaller and lighter than I expected, which is awesome because it fits in my cabinet a lot better than my old one.

Feature-wise, it’s simple. The on/off button doubles as the tare button and it has a start/stop button for the timer. My only complaint, and it’s not even a complaint, is that the button are kind of like touchscreen buttons. It’s not really a physical button you press. And it doesn’t beep or anything to let you know it’s registered. Which isn’t a deal breaker at all. I’m just so used to my old one having physical buttons that clicked and beeped.

Overall, I really wish I had bought one of these sooner. Using the timer on your phone works just as well, but having it built it and having a more responsive scale is definitely nice. I see a lot of shops selling these for $60-70. It’s well worth every penny of that, but Prima Coffee is a lot cheaper and has really quick shipping.

Hario Coffee Server 1000ml

I didn’t really need this. I barely use my V60, but I’m trying to get more into it so I figured I’d pick up a better serving vessel for it. Lately I’ve been using the beaker from a French Press, which is great when brewing over ice, but it’s impossible to pick up and serve when hot. Cause I threw the handle portion away. [I’m really smart].

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Not the best picture of it by any means (I was trying out a panorama with my brewing setup yesterday), but it’s pretty cheaply made. Then again it was $13.99 so that should be expected. The only part that is pretty “meh” is the handle. Whenever I’m holding it tighter and swirling it to rinse it out, it’s not the most stable feeling thing ever. But again, $14, I’ll take it. It beats the bootleg beaker I was using. My other iffy thing with it, it’s only happened during one brew, but is that it tries to slide off the back of the scale. This only happened while brewing over ice yesterday (this photo). I’m not sure if the ice was shifting causing it to slide a bit or what. Not a huge issue, but I had to stop my pour to catch it.

V60 03

As you can see above, I just have the standard old plastic V60. When I first ordered it (I’ve had it a little while now) I wasn’t familiar with the different sizes so I got an 03 brewer and 02 filters. I’m still new to it, but I’m fairly certain the filter size difference isn’t an issue at all. I’m slowly getting better results with it. The Stagg kettle has actually helped a lot with my pouring. If I can get more comfortable with it I may upgrade to the ceramic or metal one. But until then, the plastic works just fine.




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