You know that awesome little Hario Drip Scale I got Monday and kind of raved about? Okay, not exactly raved about, but thought it was pretty nice. Well…that little sucker tried to break my V60 and new server. Thankfully the V60 plastic. If it had been ceramic this had been a RIP post.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

So what happened? In the post I did covering the new scale and server, I mentioned that the server kept trying to slide off the back of the scale. While my water was heating up this morning for an Angels Cup sample, I stepped away for a bit. Came back to this… With any other coffee I would’ve been okay with, it was just 30g. But this was my ONE 30g sample from Angels Cup. So…the 2 minute rule was brought it and I saved 22.5g of it. You’ll have to wait until Monday to see the results…

But as far as the drip scale goes, I love it, but now I’m setting everything up beforehand and pre-wetting the filter OFFFFFF the scale. And while brewing I have one hand free to catch it if need be.


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