Verve Coffee – Honduras Farmlevel Collection

This post has been in the making for quite a while. It’s taken me so long to get all these brew (long than anticipated). I’m super sad to see these go, but it’s been an incredible experience. The first handful of these coffees are vague to me at this point, my pallet has gotten drastically better since then and I’ve recently started getting better notes when brewing. So some of these are going to be written very “meh”, sorry in advance.

*NOTE: Before I start, all of these samples were AMAZING. I can’t pick a favorite. It’s impossible. Also, I brewed all of these using the Chemex with the aim of keeping it as consistent as possible to really see the differences in each sample.*

img_3408 img_3409

 La Patepluma

[Nutmeg // Red Grape // Structured]

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I remember this cup pretty well cause of the nutmeg note. It was a new note for me and thankfully we had some in the spice cabinet. After comparing the smells it was definitely noticeable. The smell of the beans was rather bam, in your face when opening the bag. This wasn’t too sweet of a cup, a lot of body (for a Chemex) and a nice spice element.

Alexander Martinez

[Pineapple // Red Currant // Lively]

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This one had a real kick of lemon to it and a sort of tropical note after grinding (the pineapple). Currant is a new note for me. The coffee had a bold smell and taste when hot, but as it cooled it developed a tart like sweetness. I later learned that the tart like sweetness is pretty much the currant note. Sweet.

Danilo Pineda

[Passion Fruit // Lemon-Lime // Juicy]

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Passion fruit, another new one for me. This one was killer as an iced Chemex. So sweet and refreshing and the one I wanted to buy the most.

Juan Benitez

[Kiwi // Black Currant // Round]

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Another currant. I brewed this one before the Alexander Martinez so my notes on it suck. Ended up writing, “while the notes say kiwi and black currant, I can’t really say I taste either, but it is really sweet (perhaps the kiwi)”. That’s been the story of my life with the majority of the coffees I’ve been trying. It’s getting a lot better though thanks to Angels Cup. I’ll notice a uniqueness to the cup and in the description it’ll give me a note and then I can place that note with what I’m tasting.

La Colmena

[Pear // Watermelon // Hopped]

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This one wasn’t terribly sweet, but had a nice body to it. I know the hopped note is probably referring the hops found in beer, but how they translate into a coffee is beyond me at this point. I’ve tried pears, but don’t really care for them. It’s been a long time since I had one and from what I’ve barely remember..they’re tart?? I don’t know. It didn’t come through. The only bit of watermelon I could find was at the very, very end. I eat my weight in watermelon, but I still couldn’t find it that well.

La Mina

[Hard Candy // Concord Grape // Syrupy]

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For some odd reason I wrote no notes for this one. I’m dumb… On the bright side, at the time of writing, you can purchase this on their website. All of these coffees are well worth purchasing so if you missed out getting the collection, go pick up a bag.

La Fortuna

[Cinnamon // Apple Juice // Elegant]

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Oh, La Fortuna… You were the first I brewed up and really set the tone for the collection. I never knew cinnamon could be a note, but man…it was a really nice addition to the sweetness.


[Red Apple // Toffee // Cocoa Powder]

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Apple tartness, sweet, a bit of chocolate… LAWDDD. Another gem. The end.

Leonicio Castellon

[Starfruit // Black Cherry // Jam]

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Yet another one I don’t have notes before. I know I wrote down on an index card and had it mixed in with my coffee stuff. This was my 2nd to last sample cause after I brewed it I went to do a 50g Chemex of Muraho Morning (LoaTH) and my scale played out on me before getting that one started. Must have thrown the index card away accident. Oops.

*Edit – found em, again…I’m dumb*

Wrote: “really great smell, interesting sweetness – almost candy ish, body comes in at end of sip”. I was right about throwing the card away cause I copied the notes in my coffee journal and threw it away. Durrr.

Enrique Delcid

[Biscotti // Green Apple // Vibrant]

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

I’ve never tried biscotti, but I know it’s cookie/cracker, whatever. Fancy folks eat em. Anyways, I could definitely taste a butter cookie kind of note. The green apple didn’t come until the end as a slight tartness. Wasn’t overly sweet so it was a nice change of pace.

Sad Goodbye

Besides subscribing to Angels Cup, this has been one of the best investments I’ve made as far as coffee goes. It was incredibly eye opening to the fact that in one region of one country you can have THIS much variety and differences in tastes. I mean, nutmeg…cinnamon…hard candy…apple juice… Wow… I’m really excited to see what happens in Farmlevel Vol. 2.


Verve Coffee Roasters – WEBSITE // Instagram: @vervecoffee


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