Angels Cup – 3rd Flight

My new plan is to get in my Angels Cup samples each week on Wednesdays, brew them up and get a blog post out on the following Monday. On Thursday and Friday of each week I’ll post on Instagram about the coffees from the previous week. Sounds confusing, but it should work.

Anyways, on to my 3rd flight from Angels Cup.


*NOTE: I switched it up and brewed all of these using the V60 instead of the Chemex.*

Tanzania Tarime AB – Prospect Coffee

[Chocolate, Raisin, Nuts, Vanilla]

I brewed this up on Wednesday right after getting the package. The fresh grounds were sweet and honey-like. First impressions, it was chocolaty, but a different kind of chocolate. I don’t know how popular they are these days, but does anybody remember Whoppers? They’re super crunchy and have a light chocolate coating. Well, imagine that smell and that sort of chocolate taste…in a coffee.

Flipped the card over and bam, Prospect Coffee and a Tarime AB… Crazy. I’ve been oogling over their packaging for a while and before getting this latest flight was just on their website debating the sampler. Then I get the Tarime in this flight. Not to mention, that very morning I had brewed up some Tarime AB from PERC Coffee.

If you haven’t checked out Prospect, their link is at the bottom of the post. They have some awesome packing and I love the way the baseball theme plays over the entire website. They really remind me of Atlanta’s Radio Roasters in the way they carry out the theme over every aspect of the company. From a marketing students perspective, I love it.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Colombia Cundinarmarca – Tanager Coffee

[Apple & Watermelon Jolly Ranchers, Lily, Nuts]

Apple and watermelon Jolly Ranchers!? I didn’t taste that exactly, but it did have a sweet/sour combo going on that was super unique. I couldn’t imagine this put through the Chemex… As always I had a little remaining in the server so I swirled in some ice and holy crap, iced is insane.

So, I went to the website to price it out and look for a little background info and came across some awesome stuff. The producer of this farm was taking his coffee in parchment to the local cooperatives where it’d be mixed in with other coffees. This made it to where no individual coffee could really shine. But here comes La Palma y El Tucan into the picture and they bring in expert pickers and reduce the workload. They then take the coffee to the La Palma micro mill and do it the proper justice. And in this case, them along with Tanager, make it incredible.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Nicaragua Mama Mina – Royal Mile Coffee

[Chocolate, Tobacco, Fruit (?)]

Deep/dark, rich caramel smell? In the description it says “brighter than most Nicaraguans”. Maybe bright is the deep/dark/bold-ness? I’ve now had a few coffees with the note of “tobacco” so I’m starting to notice that one more often.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Yemen Asrar Haraz – OQ Coffee

[Cherry, Papaya, Spice]

At first smell/taste, I kind of thought it could be an Ethiopian due to the floral and sweet notes. Maybe a natural Ethiopian? Nope. Yemen. Never knew they produced coffee in Yemen. Ok, I didn’t even know where Yemen was. But it was a NATURAL from Yemen. So +1 on that part. It also called for a “Yemen spice”. No clue what that meas or is, but there was a slight spice note too. And over ice, a kind of cucumber note came out. As odd as it might sound, it was really good.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset



Angels Cup – WEBSITE // Instagram: @angelscup

Prospect Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @prospectroasters

Tanager Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @tanagercoffee

Royal Mile Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @royalmilecoffeeroasters

OQ Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @oqcoffee


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