Blends aren’t really my thing. I’ve had two from Counter Culture (Forth Six and Hologram, with Hologram being my favorite of the two) and more recently, one from Dapper & Wise. The D&W blend kind of opened my eyes to that blends can be pretty tasty. 

My biggest issue with blends isn’t really even the taste. It’s the fact that no single farmer stands out. All their hard work goes to a mill where it either gets combined with other beans or it gets blended into something like this Highbrow blend. Obviously they’re getting paid so it’s whatever, but on a consumer level I love reading about the farmers and where a particular coffee comes from. Maybe I’m odd, but makes the coffee more appreciatable. 

Well, I got bored this past weekend and decided to mix things up a little…literally. I’ve had a bag of PERC Gera (washed Ethiopian) sitting in the cabinet for a while. I’ve brewed a bunch of it, but once I get 4-5 coffees going I lose interest and forget about the others. I had about 60g of the Gera left and was going to brew it up on the V60. Then I saw my bag of PERC Misty Valley (natural Ethiopian). It got me to thinking, how would a washed and natural Ethiopian pair together. 

It was going to be a 50/50 blend, but I didn’t want to potentially waste 60g of my Misty Valley so I cut it down to 40g of each. This gives me a little bit of Gera to play with elsewhere, possibly an Aeropress this week. So I weighed out 40g of each and tossed em in the grinder. I ran a spoon through the grounds to mix it up throughly. I was in the mood for iced coffee so I split the 80g in half and did a 40g iced V60 (320g ice and 320g water). 

I knew that the flavors would be more pronounced and easier to detect in a hot brew so that’s why I saved some. Plus, using the 03 server I couldn’t possibly fit enough ice into it to brew that big of a batch. 

I must say, for a quick thrown together 50/50 blend, it was really good. The Misty Valley seemed to overpower the Gera so if I had to do it over (and had enough to try it), I’d do a 75/25 split between Gera and Misty Valley. Which…I do have 20g of Gera left. Could use 15g and 5g MV…then do it up in the 01. I’ll try that. 

I got a bit impatient that evening. Using the 40g blend I had left, I did a small 12/200 hot in the 01. I was curious of the notes in a hot brew. Wow…the blueberry pop of the MV and the sweetness of the Gera was incredible together.  I’m sort of curious to try blending more of my stuff together and see what I can come up with.


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