Quick Rant/Vent

Before I start this, I want to emphasize the fact that I’ve had nothing but the best of experiences when it comes to different roasters, shops, and fellow coffee nerds. The speciality coffee community is pretty freaking awesome. And the amount of support and feedback I’ve received through Instagram is mind blowing. So thank you. 

A bad/subpar experience was bound to arise. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by dealing with awesome roasters, I don’t know. 

But…I recently ordered a bag of coffee and piece of apparel from a new (to me) roaster. I ordered it on a Saturday or Sunday and they roast on Mondays. Sweet. Every roaster I’ve dealt with is really quick about getting the coffee to you. For example, roast on a Monday and you generally have that coffee by Wednesday, Thursday at the very latest. So I was excited. It ships out Tuesday. The piece of apparel I purchased ships out Thursday. I don’t understand why they weren’t shipped together but no biggie. So with it being shipped out Tuesday I’m thinking “sweet, I get to brew it up Thursday on my day off”. Nope… It doesn’t arrive until yesterday (Monday, a week later). And the piece of apparel still isn’t here. 

Oh, and it didn’t even come stamped with a roasting date. I’ve seen others have issues with this particular roaster as well (after I placed my order). 

My rant – yes I paid for shipping, although it was cheap shipping. Cheap shipping means it could potentially not be that fast. **NOTE – this only has to travel 4-5 states, not even across the country…** However, when dealing with an product such as freshly roasted coffee, I have no issue paying a few dollars more for it to arrive within a couple of days of roasting. And as a roaster, you should be trying to get that coffee to the consumer fast anyways. I’m so hooked on coffee I’d love to have my own shop and roastery (within due time) and so I analyze what companies do and it’s kind of a no brainer to use a faster shipping service. 

I won’t mention the roaster, but if you’re interested just shoot me a message. I’ve yet to brew up the coffee so please don’t take this as me knocking them for a poor product. I’m just not impressed by their way of handling transactions and delivery. But yeah, hope everybody is having a great Tuesday! And thanks again for all your awesome support and feedback! Means a ton. 


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