Angels Cup 5th Flight

Due to a hectic, but awesome week, I wasn’t able to put this post out on Friday like I had planned. A lot of awesomeness has been happening lately so I’ll eventually get around to sharing all of that. But without further ado, here’s my 5th flight from Angels Cup. Also, I hope enjoy the new format of these brews – hot and now over ice.

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PNG Aiyura – Joe Bean Coffee

[Daffodil, Lemon, Ginger Snap]

I’m going to go ahead and just rule this out, I don’t like coffees from PNG. Over the last 3-4 weeks I’ve sample a handful and none have blown me away or even been remotely enjoyable. With that said, I totally respect PNG offerings due to the history of the region. The fact that they produce coffee is great, just like with Yemen and other regions. And of course, just because I dislike like them doesn’t mean a thing. And…if I say I don’t like a coffee, please don’t take this as me not liking the roaster or anything.


The hot brew I did of this was drinkable. It had a weird aftertaste and really set on my tongue for a while. Was sort of sweet. Not terrible like some other PNGs I’ve tried.


This is where it went majorly south for me. The sweetness of a lot of coffees tend to pop when brewed over ice. In this case, it just got worse (for me). I took two sips and poured it out.

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Costa Rica Las Lajas – Peixoto Coffee

[Pineapple, Cherry, Grape]


From the first sip I swore this was a natural Ethiopian. Whenever that berry note hits that’s the first thing that comes to mind. It was incredible. After looking at the card, I was still right in that it was a natural. I’ve seen a bunch from this roaster and their name really stands out. I also think I’ve heard about them on the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast. This was such a good cup brewed hot. Since everybody talks about naturals being the gateway for people to get into specialty coffee, I had my mom try it and she loved it. She’s not a huge coffee drinker so it was pretty awesome to see her enjoy it. The first thing she asked was if it was berries.


Man, you really can’t beat a natural, even over ice. I don’t see why so many talk down on them. They’re quickly becoming my favorite.

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Ethiopia Ardi / Kilenso Moconissa – Peaks Coffee

[Honeysuckle, Lychee, Berry]


Oddly, I didn’t guess a natural Ethiopian with this cup. It was really balanced, not overly sweet, had a really nice body, and aftertaste. The other week I had a coffee with a lychee note which sparked my hunt for one. I ended up settling for a lychee boba tea. It was really good, but comparing the flavors, they didn’t really match up. I still want to get my hands on the actual fruit. Also, in one of my first flights I had a natural Kilenso from Coava that was pretty evident to be a natural.


I’m still sipping on this. My brew went a little shorter than planned, but I’d digging it. Brewing the V60 01 over ice is still taking some getting use to. Pouring 150-ish grams of water in a 2 minute period is weird for me. Like I start brewing it and get to 100 grams with a minute left and I’m like “CRAP, done messed up again”. So then I have to drag out 50 grams for a minute and it’s just weird. I always forget to pulse pour. Still a really great cup though.

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Brundi Dukorere Ikawa – Pablo’s Coffee

[Cherry, More Cherry, Chocolate]


Initially, I was really turned off on this coffee. It had a really odd taste I couldn’t pinpoint (as usual). After tasting the iced version, I found the chocolate notes and then found them in the hot version. After going to their website and finding it, more notes include – Rainier Cherry, Geranium, Molasses, Cream, and Cacao. Ok, makes more sense now. Still not my favorite, but I understand what I’m tasting a little better.


Not really a fan of this over ice, even knowing what I know now about it. I could detect the chocolate note a little more so in the iced version.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Overall, another solid flight from Angels Cup. Still couldn’t recommend them enough if you haven’t signed up yet.

**UPDATE – use the referral code “CoffeeHunter7245” and save 25% on your first shipment!**


Angel’s Cup – WEBSITE // Instagram: @angelscup

Joe Bean Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @joebeancoffeebar

Peixoto Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @peixotocoffee

Peaks Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @peakscoffeeco

Pablo’s Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @pabloscoffee


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