Jittery Joe’s Roastery – Athens, GA

Last week I was approached by the master roaster of Jittery Joe’s, Mr. Charlie Mustard. He invited me to stop by their roastery and hang out the next time I was in Athens. I had actually been planning to go over that way so it was perfect timing. 

Backstory – Jittery Joe’s is a rather huge coffee operation in Georgia, based out of Athens, and they operate some 15 shops? Insane. 

So…Athens is about a two hour drive for me, all backroads…really nice drive. I got there a tad early but it wasn’t a big deal. Seeing their operation up close is pretty awesome. Despite supplying 15 stores with coffee, however many wholesale accounts (seems to be a lot), and web orders…everything is done by hand. They roast, load cans by hand, can it using a machine but one at a time, adding the labels, etc. all in a pretty small building considering the level of business they do. 

Their master roaster Charlie is such a wealth of knowledge and one of the nicest individuals I’ve met in coffee, which says a lot. The thing I’ve really loved the most about specialty coffee is the community and support of everyone. For instance, JJs roastery is literally RIGHT ACROSS THE RAILROAD TRACKS from another coffee roaster – 1000 Faces Coffee. You could stand in one parking lot and easily throw a baseball over to the other shop. And there’s not a crazy cutthroat competition going between the two. I love it. 

While at the roastery (like several hours) I got to watch him roast several large batches that were to ultimately be blended that day. 

If you’ve ever wondered, that’s what nearly 300lbs of coffee looks like when being blended. 

I even got to load the roaster once. It was such a fun day. In the coming weeks I’m going to tackle roasting at home using a popcorn popper. Should be an interesting time. 

Also, while visiting, he let me take home a bunch of samples – seven to be exact. I was planning on brewing those up last weekend and sharing a post this week, but life gets in the way. Heck, this post was supposed to already be done. I’m a slacker. 

Expect the Jittery Joes sample post…Monday? I’ve already brewed one but still have six left.  Oh and I sill have to brew up the remainder of my Angels Cup flight from this week.


Jittery Joe’s – WEBSITE // Instagram – @thejjtr


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