Angels Cup 6th Flight

Back on schedule! Barely, but I’m back to posting these on Fridays. Last night may have been a crazy whirlwind of brewing, but the samples in this flight were incredible. Usually I have 1-2 standouts and 1 that I’m not much into (and again, just a personal preference), but this week was nothing but winners. I’d happily take an 8-12 oz bag of any of these.

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Yup, I even broke out the “Turtley Awesome” mug to celebrate.

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Guatemala Ixban – Madcap Coffee

[Tropical Fruit, Florals, Toffee, Nuts]

Madcap has been on my list of roasters to try for some time now. My only dilemma is once a bag of coffee reaches $20+ I have a really hard, almost impossible, time picking out what I want. And from a roaster with an awesome reputation like Madcap, you already know whatever you pick is going to be good, but it’s still hard to settle on one particular bag.

So this Guatemalan – I actually brewed it up hot and over ice (like last weeks samples). I personally preferred it hot, so much so that I regretted brewing it over ice. I wanted more hot. It was incredible. It was fairly sweet and as it cooled down the nuttiness really came through and it was super smooth. And had I ordered something from them in the past I would’ve overlooked this particular one which is why I love Angels Cup so much.

And yeah, I drank every bit before I could even take a picture… Oops…

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Ethiopia Ardi – Madcap Coffee

[Berry, Grape, Fig, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Tobacco, Coconut]

Another winner from Madcap. This natural Ethiopian wasn’t a dead giveaway for me. The berry notes didn’t pop as much as I’ve been used to (PERC spoiled me…). But when tasting it I noticed a spice note, thought it was pepper at first. I kind of disregarded it cause I had just ate and put black pepper on the food. But sure enough, spice was a note, although I’m sure the black pepper I ate had a big hand in giving me that note. As it cools though, the berry does come through a lot more. I didn’t get any coconut which I’m fine with cause I had coconut…

Like I said, another winner from Madcap. This one in particular I had been eyeballing on their site and if I’d ordered it, I’d be pleased.


Kenya Riakaberu AB – Bluebeard Coffee

[pretty sure the notes had a typo on these two from Bluebeard]

In this offering from Bluebeard, I got a sort of light body and pretty good sweetness. On the card it calls for a “slight stewed tomato” taste. By myself I couldn’t see that, but after reading it I can see where they’d get that from. It sounds nasty, but it actually adds uniqueness to it.

When I think tomato and coffee I’m reminded of my espresso struggles. It’s rough. More on that later.


Java Skikandi Sunda – Bluebeard Coffee

[pretty sure the notes had a typo on these two from Bluebeard]

A coffee from Indonesia that doesn’t taste like a coffee from Indonesia. SCORE. When I think of that region, I think dark…earthy…spicy…[bad – TO ME]. I can handle some spice with coffee, but some are just too bold for my tastes. Let the judging begin.

Anyways, I was almost certain this was a washed Ethiopian or something cause it was so freaking sweet. But nope, from Java, which is a new region for me. I wouldn’t buy many IF ANY coffee from Indonesia (despite the couple of Sumatras I’m experimenting with), but this is a definite recommend.



Another SUPER awesome flight from Angels Cup. This is probably my favorite one as a whole. If you’ve read this far and still haven’t subscribed, check out their site and use the referral code – “CoffeeHunter7245” and save 25% on your first shipment! I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

Hope everybody has a great weekend! I’ll be brewing up a bunch of samples from my Jittery Joe’s visit last week and have a new post for your guys come Monday. Take care!


Angels Cup – WEBSITE // Instagram: @angelscup

Bluebeard Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @bluebeardcoffee

Madcap Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @madcapcoffee


** Looking at this weeks post leave me disappointed. These photos suck. Which is dumb because I’m a photographer… New goal – step up my photo game. I did try using my Sigma 30mm the other week, but it doesn’t focus close enough. I’m adding this to my to-do list for the weekend. So yeah, I apologize for the mediocre photos. **



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