Jittery Joe’s Sample Pack

As mentioned in last weeks post about my Jittery Joe’s visit the previous week, I’ve been meaning to put together a post covering all the samples I was given. This was supposed to be done the weekend after I visited (didn’t HAVE to be done then, but I like to try to get stuff brewed and written about pretty quick). Well, of course life has this awesome way of throwing curve balls and “tomorrow” turns into “last week”. Oh well. I finally got around to brewing these up this past weekend.



**For those that aren’t familiar with the Aeropress, I used a method called a “Stubby”. This means I inverted the Aeropress (cap/filter at the top) and set the plunger right above the 3. Pre-wet the filter in the cap (for mine I use two filters, that’s up to you). You then want to add 26g of coffee and start the timer. Quickly add 50g of water (170°F-205°F, this is something you can experiment with), using the included paddle stir the coffee a little, and wait. At around 30 seconds fill it the rest of the way up with water (it should hold roughly 150g total). At around 1:00, screw on the cap firmly. NOW BE CAREFUL. You want to literally flip the Aeropress over on top of cup and then begin plunging. I’ve found it way easier to sit the cup on top of the Aeropress and then flip. Now that you have coffee you can either drink it right away, or add 100g of hot water and sort of dilute the ratio a bit – that’s something else you’ll have to play around with for your particular taste.**

Fair warning , this is a long long post.

Brazil Peaberry

First up is their Brazil Peaberry – my first ever Peaberry. This one is a natural that comes from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.


V60 01 [12.5g/200g]

First sip, a unique sweetness and medium body. I can’t pinpoint what the sweetness is, but it doesn’t come across as a berry like most naturals do to me. There’s a slight spice note mixed in there with some nuttiness. I’m tend to stay away from nutty coffees, but this one is interesting. Kind of cashew like, maybe almond? As the cup cools it gets more and more pronounced. I had a tiny bit left once it had entirely cooled down and that was really wild last sip. Definitely better (to me) while still hot.

Aeropress Stubby [26g/150g (+100g post fill )]

First sip, not as sweet and more body which is to be expected from the Aeropress. The nuttiness seems to be a bit stronger initially. I’m thinking this has to do with it being a low temp Stubby (170°F water versus the 205°F water the V60 uses). The V60 got a lot nuttier as it cooled and this Aeropress cup is starting off where the major nuttiness came into play with the V60. Personally, I prefer the V60 version although a Stubby done at a higher temp might taste better.

Overall, this is a really enjoyable cup of coffee. Well balanced, not overly fruity like some naturals, and one I wouldn’t mind having early in the morning before work. You can read more about this coffee and pick up some HERE.

Nicaragua Matagalpa (Italian Roast)

Itailans roasts – I generally stay far away from this level. The beans are super oily and just not my thing. But for the sake of the blog, I tried it.


V60 01 [12.5g/200g]

Man, it’s dark… Like, I can’t. Lots of smokiness and earthy. It’s got a bite to it. Reminds me a Starbucks Sumatra I brewed up on a french press a long time ago. That darkness will definitely wake you up.

Aeropress Stubby [26g/150g (+100g post fill )]

So I brewed this up on the Aeropress before the V60, and it was incredibly dark (duh). I thought the V60 might clean it up a little, it didn’t.

This roast level definitely isn’t for me. I know there’s a lot of people out there that will love it so I’m totally not bashing it. It’s just too earthy and smoky for my personal taste. You can read more about this coffee and pick up some HERE.

India Monsooned

Ok, I didn’t know India produced coffee so this was a really unique offering to try. The only real thing I was told about this coffee is that it’s rather dry (when drinking) and they only use it in certain blends to add a little uniqueness. After a little Google search I found a site offering green beans from the same region. They mention earthiness and notes of baker’s chocolate – so I smelled these beans again – TOTALLY baker’s chocolate. So interesting. The beans also have a different appearance and feel to them. I’ve seen lightly roasted coffee and seems even lighter than that.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Apparently it gets the title “monsooned” from the monsoon winds it endures which causes the beans “to expand in size and acquire their unique, mellow flavor” (Coffee Bean Direct). Here we go…


V60 01 [12.5g/200g]

Such an interesting coffee. Sweet, dry, but with a slight twang in this brew. A lot of earthiness and it’s just odd. Drinkable, but I wouldn’t buy it. I can see why it’s added to blends though.

Aeropress Stubby [26g/130g* (+120g* post fill )]

When filling it up to 150g, it was super gassy and I could only get it to around 135g. Probably could’ve squeezed in the extra 15g but I didn’t feel like cleaning up a mess. So to compensate I added extra water in the post fill. It definitely has a unique taste. Lots of body upfront, fades quickly and leaves a kind of dry sourness on the tongue. Rather interesting cup though.

So this coffee isn’t available in a single origin offering on Jittery Joe’s website, but if you ever see if offered somewhere and want to be adventurous I’d recommend picking up a small sample of it. Definitely something worth saying you’ve tried.

*Update – thanks to @waxinggibbous on Instagram, Seven Hills Coffee carries/carried it. Either way, you can read up on this interesting bean on their website.*

Organic Ecuador

This was two firsts for me – organic and from Ecuador. I may have tried an Ecuadorian coffee before, but I’m fairly certain I haven’t. When offered samples I wanted to be sure to have an organic one in the mix to see what the difference is.


V60 01 [12.5g/200g]

This was definitely darker and bolder than what I typically drink. If you’re into specialty coffee and have family/friends coming over that want some coffee without all the crazy flavors, etc. yet still want to serve them a proper cup, then this would be one to go for. You have the specialty aspect so it’s better quality, but it’s that old school coffee drinkers kind of coffee. If that makes any sense. The finish does feature some sweetness which balances it out for me. I need the sweetness.

Aeropress Stubby [26g/150g (+100g post fill )]

As expected, in the Aeropress it’s still quite dark and bold, more so than I’d typically drink. Lots of body and a touch of sweetness. Well balanced and overall a good cup, despite not being my personal preference.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (dark roast)

Jittery Joe’s offers two Yirgacheffes, light roast and dark roast. I wanted to try something different so I picked the dark roast.


V60 01 [12.5g/200g]

The spice note was gone in the V60 brew, but there was still a lot of depth in the way of really strong, dark notes. Kind of thought maybe the V60 filters would clean it up a little, but it wasn’t enough to tell. Kind of curious how it’d act in the Chemex, which may come up later down the line.

Aeropress Stubby [26g/150g (+100g post fill )]

Ok, definite spice, a whole lot of body and depth. Love this take on an Ethiopian. In the back end there’s a slight sweetness that pairs pretty good with the spice note. Won’t lie, I almost mixed up this with the Hambela. I had both bags sitting on the counter and forgot what I decided to brew but the spice note is definitely the dark roast Yirg. *UPDATE – there’s an odd aftertaste… I don’t know what it is. Don’t mind it, just odd.*

Trying something you’re familiar with roasted a new way is a cool experience. You can read more about this coffee and pick up some HERE.

Ethiopia Hambela

I’ve yet to have a Hambela. Several roasters I’ve browsed carry it so the name rings a bell.


V60 01 [12.5g/200g]

Sweetness, light body, tasty. I bet it’d be good over ice. There’s also a slight lemon tartness to it mid taste. Other roasters carrying this coffee call for bright lemon, honeydew, and kiwi. I definitely found the lemon.

Aeropress Stubby [26g/150g (+100g post fill )]

Sweet and tart, medium body and some darker notes thrown in there. Kind of interesting comparing it to the V60 brew.

This isn’t available on their website, but I’d be really curious to try another offering from the district.

Ethiopia Sidamo (Natural)

Familiar ground, a natural Ethiopia Sidamo.


V60 01 [12.5g/200g]

Berriessss. Plus some dark depth. I like it.

Aeropress Stubby [26g/150g (+100g post fill )]

More berriesssss. A different route for a natural Ethiopian (for me) cause it has a lot more depth to it than I expected. I’m assuming it’s either a medium roast or a tad past that. Pretty interesting to have the berry notes yet some darker depth behind it.

This coffee is available on their site, so read more and pick up some HERE.


Overall, this was a super fun batch of coffees to taste. If I’ve learned anything from specialty coffee, it’s to learn to respect each coffee. The amount of labor and different hands that have a hand (no pun intended) in getting the final product to you, you have to stop and let that sink in. It’s pretty crazy. And the amount of regions, varietals, and roast profiles – there’s something out there for everybody.

Big thanks again to Charlie for reaching out and inviting me, providing me with samples, and everybody else at the roastery for their hospitality. They’re such a great group of people. Be sure to check them out and give em a follow.

Jittery Joe’s – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM(S): @thejjtr @jitteryjoescoffee



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