Anodyne Coffee Samples

The other week I was contacted by the new account specialist at Anodyne Coffee Roasting, Ms. Olivia Stemwell. She asked if I would be interested in getting a few samples and talking about them. Um, YAH! I’m always down for new coffee. And then last week I got the package.

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Two 12 oz bags – waaaaay more than I expected. Totally appreciate the gesture. I was really only expecting a couple 2-4 oz samples so big thanks to them for hooking me up.

So the bags include an East Timor Letefoho and a Zambia Kateshi. East Timor is a new region for me, seen it offered by various roasters, but never tried it. Zambia Kateshi however, I have tried in my Angels Cup subscription, and it was salty. Like really salty. Coffee + salty… doesn’t quite work for me. But I’m very open to new coffees so let’s get started!

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.

This is a new roaster for me so here’s a quick little rundown on them with information provided on the bags and also by Olivia.

“Anodyne” means (adj) capable of soothing or eliminating pain ; relaxing (n) a medicine that relieves pain ; a source of soothing comfort. Awesome name for a coffee company cause coffee is just that.

So, they’re based out of Milwaukee, have been family owned since 1999, and they roast on an environmentally friendly Loring roaster and only work with importers of the highest integrity. And my two cents, they’re already awesome to me and I haven’t even started brewing these up yet. So be sure to check them out and give them a follow (information at the bottom).

East Timor Letefoto

[Green Grape, Nectarine, Cinnamon]

Ok, already majorly looking forward to these brews based on those tasting notes. The beans have a real mellow sweet smell to them.

  • Region – Ermera
  • Varietal – Typica, Timor Hybrid
  • Processing Method – Fully Washed
  • Altitude – 1,500 to 2,000 MASL
  • Producer – Various Micro-lots
  • Certified Organic
  • Story – The coffee beans are hand-picked, fully washed and sun dried at elevations between 1300 – 2000 MASL around Letefoho region in Ermera District then hulled and sorted manually in the capital Dili, providing jobs for more than 100 women.
  • *All of this taken from the tasting card provided*


Hario V60 01 [12.5g // 200g]

First sip, smooth sweetness (possibly the green grape?). The cinnamon note sits on the tongue after swallowing. It’s very slight, but there. I’m not finding the nectarine note, heck it could be that upfront sweetness I’m getting. I’ll be picking up a few nectarines at work this week. Ok, so the more you drink, the more the cinnamon comes through. It’s still not overpowering. Personally, ever since one of the Honduras samples from Verve that featured a cinnamon note, I’ve learned to appreciate spiciness in coffee. It’s rather interesting that a coffee can provide that sensation.

Aeropress Stubby [26g // 150g (100g post fill)]

In this brew I got a more creamy like body and some nice sweetness. The complexity seems to have been toned down some, maybe due to the muddiness of the Aeropress. The flavors definitely didn’t come through as much. For me, this shows that to truly learn about a coffee it’s probably best to try it through several brew methods (if possible). If I’d only tried this as an Aeropress I wouldn’t be disappointed, but I wouldn’t have got the full experience of the coffee.

The cinnamon note really won me over with this one. Sort of took me back to the Honduras collection from Verve a few months ago which were great times. Anytime I can have sweetness and little spice in a cup, I’m always down for that. And being my first offering from Timor – I’m impressed.

Zambia Kateshi & Isanya Estates

[Lime, Black Tea, Tart]

I’m brave, I can do this. Based on these tasting notes, I’m not expecting any saltiness. I’m actually rather intrigued, lime and tart – thumbs up. Black tea I’m unsure of when it comes to a coffee, but lately I’ve been digging some Lemon Solstice which is black tea based…so we shall see.

  • Region – Kasama
  • Varietal – Catimor
  • Processing Method – Fully Washed
  • Altitude – 1,340 – 1,400 MASL
  • Producer – Kateshi & Isanya Estates
  • Story – Grown on Kateshi and Isanya Estates, collectively the largest coffee farms in Zambia, with all the processing taking place at the wet and dry mills located on the Kateshi Estate. We brought in both AA and AAA green beans from two lots to make this hybrid single origin offering.
  • *All of this taken from the tasting card provided*


Hario V60 01 [12.5g // 200g]

Ok, I did it. It’s not salty! YES. So upfront, there’s a darker note I’m unsure of. It’s possibly the black tea. My only black tea experience is Lemon Solstice, but I blend it with Chamomile (off topic, but that’s the best drink EVER). Anyways, I don’t know what straight up black tea tastes like. I’m not a tea expert so that might not even be possible.

Back to this Zambia Kateshi. The region has been redeemed in my eyes. This cup is pretty light, and there’s a tartness on the back end that adds a nice finish. It’s almost like a limeade kick. I’m loving this sample.

Aeropress Stubby [26g // 150g (100g post fill)]

It’s odd, but I actually prefer this particular coffee in the Aeropress rather than the V60. The V60 brew definitely opens up more and you can pinpoint notes easier, but this would make an excellent early morning “get started” cup. And it’s in the Aeropress so it’s convenient.

I can’t get over this offering from Zambia. When I first opened the package and saw “Zambia Kateshi” I got nervous. Reading the tasting notes calmed me, but I was still skeptical. But man, SO solid. I’m really glad Olivia sent this one in particular so I could have a 2nd chance at the region.


Huge thanks again to Olivia and Anodyne Coffee for reaching out and providing me with two awesome and very unique offerings. Thank you for helping me like Zambia Kateshi and introducing me to Timor. I couldn’t be happier with these two bags and won’t lie…I’m glad I have 12 oz bags now. So good.

Please be sure to go check them out and give a follow – WEBSITE // Instagram – @anodynecoffee



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