Weekly Brews

I’m pretty much always brewing something every day. Or mostly every day. This leads to journals full of random brew notes and tasting notes if it’s a new coffee. I’ve been debating sharing these once a week or every couple of days, just for a change of pace. I’ll pretty much copy these down word for word so that way you get a feel of what’s really happening in my head. Which could be very bad…so there might be a few changes made here and there.

To give you a small taste of what to possibly expect:

(7/26) Unnamed Roaster – El Salvador Pacamara

  • V60 01 #15
  • over ice
  • 16g/240g (120g water/120g ice)
  • 2 minute brew
  • Comments: “BUT…added too much water too fast. didn’t pulse pour. oops. so….not tasty. but I blame it on my pouring”

(8/3) PERC Coffee – Misty Valley

  • Aeropress Stubby
  • 30g/150g – over 100g ice #11
  • Comments: “that berry though…”

It’s real stuff. Sometimes I’m successful and the brew goes nearly perfect. Other times, I completely screw up. But having a journal of everything let’s me learn from past mistakes. Honestly, by now I should be fairly consistent, and for the most part I am, but I still have brews that finish either a bit too short or go a tad longer than I expected. And usually it’s because I get sidetracked and my pouring gets thrown off a tad.

But if this is something you’d like to read each week please leave a comment on the Instagram post. I’m probably going to do it regardless, but I’d still love to hear some feedback.


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