Angels Cup 7th Flight

I can’t believe I’m already on my 7th Flight. When you think you’ve tasted everything possible there’s always something new and interesting in next weeks flight. Check these offerings out.

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Kenya Gondo – Passion House Coffee

[Raisin, Tomato, Grapefruit, Graham Cracker, Plum]

First sip, it was super light and sweet. I really thought I had messed up the brew somewhere, but everything went so well that I couldn’t figure out what I could’ve messed up. It had a familiar taste, one that I really didn’t want to think about cause it brings up bad memories – tomato soup…

I could probably do a whole post on my tomato soup dilemma, but basically when I first got into specialty coffee and was branching out into trying to properly taste espresso it was nothing but tomato soup for me. Now at first I thought “oh, it was pulled on a not so good machine”, etc. But I’d had espresso pulled on Slayers, La Marzoccos, you name it. (For those that don’t know, those are rather high end machines – $10-20k a piece…). So it definitely wasn’t the machines themselves or a certain espresso blend. I’ve finally learned how to properly drink espresso (or a way that works for me) and that’s to stir it well and let it cool off since at high temperatures your taste buds can’t really perceive anything.

But yeah, back to this Kenya Gondo. It’s definitely unique. I visited Passion House Coffees website (a must visit, please check them out) and found this coffee under their “experimental” category. I can see why. They list three notes – Persimmon (high), Apricot (mid), and Milk Chocolate (low). I love how they categorize their offerings between Ambient, Mainstream, and Experimental. In a way it makes me think of Blueprint Coffee and their system, but this is totally different and unique. Really digging them.

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Ethiopia ….. (Natural)- Unknown Roaster

[Blueberry, Orange, Strawberry, Florals, Peach]

First sip, almost tasted salty so when that hit I was like nope. And this was well before flipping the card over. There wasn’t much sweetness and my brew was rather perfect for this size of a brew (32g/512g V60 03) so yeah. Apparently it’s a natural which I always love, but this tasted nothing of a natural to me. Not saying it’s bad, but nothing really popped and stood out to me. Then I flip the card over and yeah…

No photo for this one. It might be childish, but I can’t promote this roaster due to a bad experience with a personal dealing with them about a month ago. Hope you all understand.

El Salvador …. – Unknown Roaster (same as above)

[Vanilla, Grapefruit, Tamarind]

The same roaster again. This cup is an improvement from the natural Ethiopian above, nice body and toffee/chocolate-ness to me. It’s honey processed, which is slightly new to me. I do enjoy this brew. It’s different. However, I still can’t encourage ordering from these guys. It took me over a week to acquire my coffee (maybe other awesome roasters have spoiled me) and the bag didn’t come with a roast date. So…sorry.

Colombia Huila Finca la Illusion (Natural) – Pablo’s Coffee

[Grape, Peach, Raspberry, Amaretto, Vanilla]

First off, these beans smelt AMAZING after being ground. Like, besides the maragogypes I have, these definitely come in second. Super sweet florals and honey (??). I don’t know. I’m digging it though. Anyways, on to the cup.

Super sweet and tasty. Kind of has a nectarine, peach, apricot sweetness. Nailed the peach. And hey, a natural and another offering from Pablo’s Coffee. I had their Burundi Dukorere Ikawa in the 5th Flight. Definitely recommend checking these guys out.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset


So this flight went a little different. I wasn’t expecting to deal with that roaster again so I apologize for the lack of photos. But this was a really interesting flight – tomato soup notes, honey processed coffee, and a majorly aromatic natural Colombia.

I’m definitely not getting anything to say nice things about Angels Cup, but this is one subscription service I couldn’t recommend enough. Over these all of these samples I’ve gained so much knowledge on various regions, varietals, processing methods, and my tastes have grown incredibly. I can USUALLY now nail at least 2-3 notes per cup, which is a major improvement. And in my own brewing outside of these blind samples I’m able to really dig into different coffees and find unique notes. I mean, some of the notes I regret finding (salt, nuts, tomato soup), but it’s fun hunting for them.

Mentioned in the Post

Angels Cup – WEBSITE // Instagram: @angelscup

Passion House Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @passionhousecoffee

Pablo’s Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @pabloscoffee




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