Recent Brews (up to 8/14)

Last week I talked about the idea of sharing some of my brewing and tasting notes (HERE if you missed out). This post is going to be the opening one and kind of get everything caught up from the time I started keeping a brew journal until yesterday. Starting next Monday I’ll be posting about the brews of the previous week and any that stood out or any screw ups. I’m sure I’ll have plenty.

** Anytime you see #11 or #15, that’s my way of indicating what setting my grinder was on. I use a Baratza Encore. For the most part mine has been dialed in – #11 for the Aeropress, #15 for the V60, and #21 for the Chemex. Seeing a #21 is rare now that I don’t use my Chemex anymore, but with the amount of coffees I have I’m debating brewing a few up on it to see the changes. **

On to the brewing notes.

Up first are my two “dial in” brews of the Ethiopians I purchased for my vacation back in June. From Ruby I got the Uraga (hands down my favorite coffee of all time) and the Ethiopia Kochere from Crema (who I later got to visit on my vacation). I was using the Chemex and not really sure why I used #16 on the Uraga first brew. Who knows…

6/15 – Ethiopia Guji Uraga (Ruby Coffee Roasters)

1st cup – 25g/400g [#16]
finished in 4 minutes, but took until 5 minutes to drainnext time, going to #20 to try and hit the 4 minute mark
lots of floral, lemony, and tea like – really smooth

6/15 – Ethiopia Kochere (Crema)

1st cup – 25g/400g [#20]
finished right at 4 minutes
more body and not as tea like
might be tasting the peach note on the back end, or it could be my mind telling me it’s peach (need to eat more peaches)packs more punch than the Ethiopia from Ruby
once cooled, more grapefruit sort of flavor

I ordered a bunch of samples from Dapper & Wise last month and this one was definitely the stand out of the ones I received. Also, this was probably the first coffee I ever took time to truly analyze and figure out the complexity of.

7/12 – Rwanda – Hingakawa (Dapper & Wise Roasters)

[kiwi, fruit leather, limeade]
V60 30g/480g [#14]pre-wet filter 200g
68g bloom for 45 seconds
continuous pour – 2:45 (480g)

the Hario server kept trying to slide off the scale

light sweetness (kiwi?) yet acidic in a limeade tart way
fruit leather – could be the darker/deeper note
ok, I’m dumb. I googled fruit leather and now I realize I’ve tried it. it’s those really chewy strips of fruit. I’ve tried an apple one, really….different. I can totally see that note now. it’s fruity then there’s a little sugary-ish aftertaste
hard to explain unless you’ve tried it
so… kiwi 1st (light sweetness), fruit leather (deep note), limeade kick, then fruit leather in the aftertaste.

7/16 – Misty Valley (PERC Coffee)

Aeropress – 24.8g/150g [#13]
pre-wet everything
180°F water
3 filters (metal, paper, paper)
50g bloom- 30 seconds
stir good
add to 150g – add cap
let set to 1:30
invert and plunge until 2:00add 50g water after

TONS of body, super sweet and bold cup. didn’t know the Aeropress could produce this sweet of a cup

Yes… I totally wrote this…

7/17 – Black Honey Geisha (Brandywine Coffee Roasters)

V60 – 25g/400g [#15]
51g bloom – 45 seconds
poured to 400g by 2 mins
drained mostly by 2:45

holy Santa that’s smooth…ugh…
nice creamy body


Keep a notebook of your brews (if you’re seriously into specialty coffee). It’s a ton of fun looking back on these different coffees and brews and sort of re-living that experience. Plus, for me, writing these down really embeds the information in my head and I always carry this information with me. And it’s fun to look back and see all the crazy stuff I wrote. I mean, “holy Santa that’s smooth”…?? I’m weird.


Ruby Coffee Roasters – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @rubyroasters

Crema – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @cremacrema

Dapper & Wise Roasters – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @dapperandwise

PERC Coffee – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @perccoffee

Brandywine Coffee Roasters – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @brandywinecoffeeroasters


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