“Juliette” Water Part 1

Every now and then I find myself on Matt Perger’s blog Barista Hustle. 95% of the content is too scientific and way over my head. I’m not to the point in my coffee journey to get overly crazy with stuff. Heck, I’m still trying to perfect my pour overs.

However, while browsing the site the other morning I came across a recipe for “Juliette water”. It seemed rather simple:
1. Mix 8.6g of baking soda and 25g of epsom salt in 500ml water.
2. Shake/stir. This becomes your concentrate.
3. Add 2g of that concentrate to 500ml of water.
4. This is now your brewing water.

Um…that easy? OK…

So I tried it.

It seemed way too easy. I was in a slight hurry, but afterwards I threw together a quick Aeropress stubby using the new water. In a previous Aeropress of this same coffee I got a lot darker notes – plum, raisin, fig. In this brew though, it seemed to get brighter and more sweetness came out in the cup. It was really interesting to see such a change.

With all that said, brewing a single Aeropress with new water isn’t enough to say if it’s worth it or not. But honestly, it’s super simple to mix up and from that initial brew, I feel like it’s definitely worth trying. Over the next week or so I’m going to do more brews and comparisons with/without the water. I’ll keep you guys posted throughout the week on Instagram as well.


Barista Hustle – WEBSITE // Instagram: @baristahustle


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