Coffee Swap

In place of the Angels Cup post that normally goes out on Fridays, my latest coffee swap is filling in. The Angels Cup 8th Flight post will be ready Monday.

Ok, so coffee swaps. They’re my all time favorite cause . You simply package up at least 25-30g of something you’re brewing and then ship it off to a coffee buddy. You can do one sample or a range of samples. Then you enjoy. It’s an awesome way to try coffees you otherwise wouldn’t.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

These two swaps are from E.J. (@siriusscrilla) and Steve (@todesengel135). E.J. and I have swapped coffee on several occasions and I want to say he was the first to ever contact me about swapping samples. The swap with Steve was our first. He sent some killer samples.

Check these out.


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Mighty Good is a new roaster for me, located out of Ann Arbor, MI. Sadly I couldn’t find them online or Instagram. This Colombian was rather interesting though. Without knowing for sure, I’m leaning towards it being a darker roasts (just a guess) because it was rather out there in strength. Either that or it features some really dark notes (I’m unsure of the tasting notes). It was a really good cup, despite being something I wouldn’t normally buy or brew up).

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Goshen is a pretty familiar roaster for me. I’ve yet to try them out until now, but they’re packaging is on point. If you’ve followed me long enough you know that I’m obsessed with packaging. This is my second coffee of the week that called for nectarine and clementine notes, and sadly I’ve still yet to try the actual fruit. This cup was super sweet and juicy and floral and just awesome.

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So here’s my little spill of honesty – I’m not particularly a huge fan of the large roasters (Counter Culture/Intelligentsia). They have wonderful coffee and their training programs seem awesome. TOTALLY NOT KNOCKING THEM. I simply prefer small batch roasters.

With that said, this Finca Kilimanjaro from Counter Culture was freaking incredible. I’ve brew some great coffees recently, but this one ranks up there as one of the best. It was really bright, sweet, and ugh…so good. I remember when this was released. At $29 I couldn’t justify it (especially with not being a fan of large roasters). But I can honestly say it’s worth every bit of that.

The backstory on this coffee is that it’s a Kenya/Latin hybrid. It’s from El Salvador, but Kenya varieties are planted there also. It’s pretty incredible.


Steve killed it with these samples – new roasters and an incredible offering from Counter Culture I actually thought I’d never get my hands on.


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First up, a Costa Rica from Pearland Coffee. This roaster is new to me, but it sounds familiar. I don’t know. Anyways, I couldn’t find the tasting notes on this particular offering, but after grinding and while brewing it smelled SO AMAZING. Upon tasting, it was different. I like different. Particular notes were hard to find but the only way I know to describe this cup is – bright upfront, light, disappears, acidic aftertaste kicks in. It was pretty awesome though.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

RUBYYYYYYYYYY. I love these guys. E.J. had told me about getting this in a recent MistoBox. I’ve seen this blend on their site (I spend a lot of time there debating another bag of the Uraga – HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it). Blends just aren’t my go-to when spending $20 on a bag. This brew through the V60 was pretty smooth, bright, and rich chocolatey-ness. As filter coffee it’s good, but I could see it being REALLY good pulled as an espresso.


The last sample from E.J. was a natural Brazil Oberon from Argus Coffee. We had talked about this one before so it was nice to finally give it a shot. The notes on the bag call for chocolate, nutty, sweet Earthy. I’m down…

Technical errors during brewing. After blooming, the timer stopped and the scale tared out. Seriously…?! I remember being at 1:15 and 117g so I added 80g and finished it up.

And on to the results – a really interesting natural. Medium body, chocolate and maybe some kind of cooking spice. I wouldn’t say Earthy, but it had some darkness/depth to it. It was an awesome version of a natural though, not what I expected, but I enjoyed it. I really love getting different results from naturals.


Another great coffee swap with E.J. Never disappointing.

If you’d be interested in doing a coffee swap, shoot me a message on Instagram! I’m always down.


Argus Coffee – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @arguscoffeeco

Ruby Coffee Roasters – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @rubyroasters

Pearland Coffee – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @pearlandcoffee

Counter Culture – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @counterculturecoffee

Goshen – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @goshencoffee


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