Recent Brews (8/15-8/21)

Two posts in one day -crazy.

This was a rather slow week of brewing, but I tasted some rather incredible coffees (see the post about my 8th Flight from Angels Cup – SO GOOD).

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 (8/15) Argus Coffee – Brazil Oberon (natural)

This was a sample sent to me by E.J. Since I had about 30g I decided to split it up into two small V60 01 brews (12.5/200).

V60 01 12.5/200  (#15)
2:15ish goal
[notes call for chocolate, nutty, sweet Earthy] – sounds interesting
from the Minas Gerais region
Mundo Novo, Catuai, Bourbon varietals

after bloom, timer stopped and the scale tared out. I remember being at around 1:15 and 117g so I added 80g of water and let it finish up. kind of weird.
[I’m pretty certain that scales in general hate me. They’re always starting, stopping, and taring with no input from me.]

fresh ground beans and while brewing smelled great

really interesting natural, medium body, chocolate and maybe some kind of cooking spice
wouldn’t say Earthy, but it’s got a little darkness/depth to it
as it cools, the body gets a lot creamier

(8/16) Cold Brew Comparison

Quick backstory, I hate cold brew. Whether it’s making it at home or at a shop, 9/10 times it’s a bad experience. People always say “death before decaf”, for me it’s “death before cold brew” (cause I tried the most incredible decaf over the weekend – thanks Parlor Coffee!). Anyways. If you’ve followed the blog regularly you’ll remember me doing up a batch of “Juliette water”. Well, I got an idea last week – my biggest issue with cold brew is the taste, it’s horrible…SO what if I brewed up some using the new Juliette water??

I set up two mason jars, both with 50g coffee (#15) and used 500g of water in each. In one, I simply added 5.5g of the Juliette water. That was actually double the amount called for, but I really wanted to see if it would change the taste so I went with extra. I did a 100g hot water bloom with each (205°F water) for 1 minute, then added 400g of water to each, along with the 5.5g of Juliette water to the 2nd jar.

Both were stirred well and kept out at room temperature for 14 hours (5:15pm-7:15am). The next morning I pre-wet V60 filters and poured each jar through the V60 and then refrigerated.

Results – the one with Juliette water was actually drinkable which is rare. Of course, you have to take this comparison for what it is, it wasn’t perfect. But the Juliette water holds a ton of potential.

(8/21) Angels Cup #1124 [Kenya Mutitu – Parlor Coffee]

V60 03 #15 25/400 @3:05 [lots of numbers, sorry. but it drained at 3:05 (what I’m starting to aim for now with the larger 03 brews)]
bright, sweet, possible raisin?
maybe a little tomato…Kenya??
yup…while hot, it’s like tomato soup..
[I flipped the card over] — GOT IT! tomato and Kenya
[this was actually the first time I got the region correct. last week I had another Kenya that tasted of tomatoes so when I found the tomato note in this one I was like, yup…has to be a fresh crop Kenyan…and sure enough. I also got the raisin note right too.]

It was a rather uneventful week of brewing other than my scale going crazy mid-brew and the wild Kenya from Parlor. I tasted a decaf from Parlor after the Kenyan and man, it really surprised me when I saw that it was a decaf. I knew they were doing decafs these days that taste as bright and sweet as normal processed coffee, but it was the first time I’d tried one. And then I got to compare two honey processed Costa Ricans (White vs Red) that come from the same farm. Good stuff.


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