Origin Subscription Service [IDEA]

I’m going out on a limb sharing this so soon cause 95% has yet to be figured out. BUT, I’ve got an idea for a new subscription service.

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Sales pitch practice – What if once a month (or twice a month) you could receive a box containing 4 samples and map/facts sheet? Each shipment would feature a single country:

* i.e. – shipment A will feature samples from Brazil. You get 4 packs of coffee from various roasters/regions. For the sake of this example, shipment A would include… (1) Topeca Coffee – Fazenda Sertåo, (2) Populace Coffee – Deneval Miranda, (3) Peixoto Coffee – Peixoto Yellow Catucai, and (4) Prospect Coffee – Fazenda Sitio Caxixe.


Personally, it’s something I wish existed cause I’d be the first to sign up. The idea of tasting some of the possibilities from a single country without spending a bunch and taking risks on bigger 12 oz bags.


Each shipment includes:

  • map/fact sheet – one side will feature the country name (it’ll be facing upwards when you open the package, the other side will include a map with each offering pinpointed on it. Along the edges will be facts about each offering – farm, producer, region, varieties, altitude, and a backstory on the farms/producers.
  • 4 packs of samples (at the moment it’s looking to be around 30/32g in order to keep costs down). Personally, I’d love to ship out 60-100g of each one so you could get a better idea of each offering.
  • each pack will feature roaster information (logo, name, website, Instagram), coffee info (farm, producer, region, varieties, altitude, and tasting notes. Also the amount and roast date.
  • the packs will be resealable and feature one way valves to ensure freshness.

Alpha Testing

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to start ordering the packs, designing/printing the maps, and creating labels. Once most of that is set up, I’m going to order a bag from two different roasters and package everything up to simulate what the consumer could expect. Obviously it won’t be perfect looking, but hey…it’s the alpha testing period. After ordering the coffee I’ll put out an announcement on Instagram to find some testers (limit 5) and they’ll receive a sample shipment.

In this phase I’ll only be including 2 different offerings, but I’ll send out 4 packs of coffee (2x one sample, 2x the other sample). This is simply to save some upfront costs, but still give the tester an idea of what to expect.

Beta Testing

IF IT MAKES IT THAT FAR – I’ll feature another country, along with two samples (2x each one = 4 bags, to save money upfront) and make the needed improvements. I’ll do another round of testers, more than likely the same people, plus   a few new ones. From this point I’m clueless (so far).


My biggest challenge, or the biggest thing on my mind about this whole idea, is getting the coffee from the roaster to me and to the consumer in a timely fashion. Most roasters can get the coffee to a consumer in 2-3 days. Once I get it I can have it organized, packed, and shipped out the following morning. So in total, you’re looking at maybe 6-7 days off roast, which isn’t terrible when you really think about it.

The other thing is roasters roast on different days of the week. Of course I could contact the roasters and probably get something set up to where they’d all roast on X day and ship out the following day. But would this lead to possible additional costs?

So yeah. Possibilities. A lot of work. But maybe within the next month I’ll have a little prototype version to send out to a few people.

Also, if this is something you’d be interested in or have any feedback PLEASE share. I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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