The PPM Search

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about making special water for coffee (see THIS post). I called that one “part one”, but let’s just hit the reset button and start fresh.

This special water recipe can be found on Matt Perger’s Barista Hustle site. I take absolutely no credit for this. The only reason I even started down this water path is to see if it’s actually worth it. The ingredients are easy to come by and mixing it up takes next to no effort.

500g distilled water
8.6g baking soda + 25g epsom salt
MIX – this is now your concentrate
add **2 GRAMS** of this concentrate to 500g of water
= your final brewing water

Last week I ordered a water PPM/TDS tester ($16 on Amazon….) and it arrived earlier this week. Yesterday was my day off so I took to testing various water samples (tap, Brita filter, and other combinations including the new coffee water).

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
My goal in all of this to create a brewing water that reads between 140-150 PPM.

Initial Results

#1 – Tap water – 84 PPM
#2 – Brita pitcher (old filter, needed replacing) – 67 PPM#3 – Brita pitcher (with the new filter) – 45 PPM
#4 – #3 + 2.2g special water (from the initial batch I made with purified water) – 157PPM
#5 – #3 + “a touch of special water” – still using purified water) – 104 PPM
[I say a touch of the water because the Hario drip scale won’t measure under 2g]

Distilled Water

The initial recipe calls for distilled water. I used purified water from my Brita filter cause it’s all I had at the time and I’m impatient. Let’s try distilled water now.

I redid another 500g concentrate of water using the same 8.6g/25g but instead with distilled water. Next I did a couple tests:

  1. different amounts of this concentrate added to 500g of distilled water
    – 2.5g = 128 PPM
    – 3.3g = 170 PPM

    I wasn’t sure how much 0.x gram would impact the PPM, but 0.8g bumped it up quite a bit. I could have gotten pickier with this and find the exact gram amount, but I had another idea – why not add it to the water from my Brita jug?? I’d save a bunch of money, plus brewing with distilled water isn’t ideal.

  2. different amounts of this concentrate added to 500g of Brita filtered water (45 PPM)
    – 2.2g = 150 PPM (*DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINNER*)

    I didn’t expect to hit 150 on the first try but I’ll totally take this.


So in order to hit an ideal PPM brewing water you only need a Brita pitcher (really cheap at Walmart too), PPM tester, 25g of epsom salt, 8.6g of baking soda, and 500g of distilled water.

Now that I’ve found a way to hit 150 PPM, I’ll be doing comparisons over the weekend and will share the results next week. Is it worth mixing up? We shall see.




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