Angels Cup 9th Flight

Some weeks the post office rocks and I get these in on Tuesday and out by Friday, but other weeks they suck and we resort to Mondays. Either way, it gets here and they’re always a blast.

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Honduras, La Fortuna – Verve Coffee

[Lemongrass, Peach, Cinnamon, Apple (?), Green Tea (?)]

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Hey, I’ve seen you before! This was almost like a little reunion and trip down memory lane. Back in June (?) I ordered the Honduras Collection from Verve. I’d been into specialty coffee for a few months at the time, but this was the first major eye opening brewing experience for me. I absolutely fell in love with what coffee could be. And seeing all the different possibilities from ONE REGION…that was incredible. It was truly a sad day when I finished those samples. After that, I browsed their site and found a couple of those samples being offered (including this one) and really wanted to get a bag or two, but in my head I always want to move on and keep trying new coffees. So I never bought a bag.

While brewing this it smelled like a certain spice. I wanted to guess cinnamon, but that always seem like a cliche fall back on kind of guess. It’s what I wrote down though. I flipped the card over and it really was like seeing an old friend. It was super sweet, a little different than I remember, but as it cooled the cinnamon started to pop. Pretty sure this was also the first coffee I ever brewed up (back in the Honduras collection) that had cinnamon as a note. Now I love finding that in a coffee (the East Timor Letefoho from Anodyne has cinnamon notes and it’s so goooood).

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Kenya Gatomboya – Verve Coffee

[Raisin, Tropical Fruit, Honeysuckle]

MORE VERVE! I totally guessed the notes wrong on this one initially. The first sip hit me as a sweet chocolatey note (like either milk chocolate or nougat) – real light and sweet. Definitely didn’t guess this as a Kenyan either seeing as how the past two Kenyans have been major cups of tomato soup… Of course I’m not going to guess most (or any) of these right, but it’s confusing. Major stewed tomato/tomato soup notes = Kenya. And this card says “identifiable as a Kenya”… but how? I thought “proper” Kenyans were heavy on the tomato side? I don’t know. It’s all confusing, but I’m going to keep drinking as much different coffee as possible and one day I’ll get there. But as it cools the raisin note comes out more.

Anyways, this is a single origin espresso from Verve. I’ve never brewed up a coffee (as a pour over) that was intended for espresso. I know you can do it and you get different notes from it, but this was a killer cup. I’ve been

*Interruption* As I write out these little summaries I’m actually sipping on the coffee at the same time. My goal is to be more in the moment as I write and stay within the cup (hopefully write better and more accurate). Anyways, it’s been cooling for a minute and I just sipped it, and holy crap…definite florals, Can’t say honeysuckle because it’s been a while since I’ve smelled/tasted one, but man… I’d love to try this as an espresso and latte. I bet that chocolate raisin flavor shines.

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Ethiopia Uraga, Kayon Mountain – Quills Coffee

[Orange Candy, Lavender, Oolong]

So, tired of thinking chocolate notes and getting it wrong, but chocolate again… Maybe I’ll get one of these right eventually. Also getting some darker notes…possibly plum, raisin, or fig? Whenever I get that darker taste it ends up being a mixture of those notes. We shall see.

*flips card*

…well folks, wrong again. BUT…this is the Ethiopian Bryan Schiele (Instagram: mentioned on the most recent episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast. If you’re not listening to them, stop reading this and go listen. Anyways, this is my first coffee from Quills even though I’ve actually ordered from them before (I bought the little 3-pack notebooks they have on sale. I use them for all my brewing/tasting notes. Check em out. REALLY HANDY.)

This is a really good cup (duh), but I haven’t had too many washed Ethiopians lately. Most of the African coffees I’ve had have been either natural Ethiopians or all Kenyans so it’s a nice change. Actually don’t think I’ve had a washed Ethiopian since my two orders back in June (Guji Uraga from Ruby and a Kochere from Crema – both of which were outstanding but if you’ve followed me long enough you know that Uraga stole my heart…).

As far as notes go, I had them wrong, but I’m guessing the darker note I was tasting might be the oolong… That’s my only guess…

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Colombia Huila, Los Naranjos – Quills Coffee

[Raisin, Fig, Plantain, Pear]

So I didn’t even try this one before flipping the card over. I’m really frustrated with myself. But another from Quills which is awesome. I end up taking a couple sips and could see the possible raisin and fig notes, but that’s it.

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I really sucked at this flight, but every cup was phenomenal. I pretty much gave up there at the end. But it was nice to see the La Fortuna again and try a S.O. espresso brewed through the V60. Also nice to finally try out Quills. Yeah, frustrated with this one. Super good coffees, but I sucked at finding any of the notes. Oh well.

Mentioned in the Post

Angels Cup – WEBSITE // Instagram: @angelscup

Verve Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @vervecoffee

Quills Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @quillscoffee



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