Recent Brews (8/22-8/28)

The week was slow until the last couple of days, then new coffee arrive along with my Angels Cup flight.

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(8/24) East Timor Letefoho (Anodyne Coffee) // Aeropress

The initial plan on this cup was to pre-grind coffee the night before and brew up before heading to work. Well, I never got around to it. Like two days later I finally decide to throw an Aeropress together to use up the grounds.

26g (#11 Encore) – set the plunger slightly below the 3 like normal
it ended up going to 180g…oops. normally it’s 150g.
since it went to 180g I only added 60g of water afterwards instead of 100g
felt weaker, lighter, still tasty but meh

I blame the meh taste on the couple day old ground coffee.

(8/25) East Timor Letefoho (Anodyne Coffee) // Aeropress [RE-DO]

I needed a rebound from the Aeropress the night before. I typically don’t go past 150g, but I went back to it in this rebound brew just to see if the fresher grinds had an impact on it tasty meh.

60g bloom (30 secs) pour to 182g
@1 min – plunge. post fill 52g

so much better than last nights brew
this brew – better, lots of body and depth
chocolate, spice
as cools…so so creamy and smooth and sweet
gonna be sad to see this one end

(8/25) Colombia La Esperanza (Populace Coffee) // V60 03

I got a new bag from Populace (my first one from them) – their Colombia La Esperanza. Me being impatient I threw together a V60 of it the night it arrived. And as per usual I messed up – poured too much, too fast, drained too fast. Oh well.

V60 03 #15 25g/400g
using special water
(aiming for a little over 3 minutes)
over poured like an idiot – 457g
drained at 2:20
really bright though, sweet/juicy
lots of body for a V60 brew

The week was good. Several new coffees arrived, I’ve brewed one (the Colombian from Populace) and several I haven’t tried yet. I’ll be sharing the first impression of those bags throughout the week.



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