New Coffee [Populace Coffee]

Populace Coffee has been on my radar for quite a while. The other week I had an idea for a subscription service where you’re sent 4 samples from the same region. Well, in the Brazil shipment I thought about including the Brazil Deneval Miranda. Then I saw the Colombian and their subscription service and was sold. So here we go.


Colombia La Esperanza

Not sure why, but I’m on a little Colombian journey at the moment. PERC is releasing one this week that I’ll be picking up soon.I’ve had several recently in my Angels Cup flights. They’re super tasty.

This bag particularly stood out to me cause of all the varietals included – Caturra, F6, Castillo, Colombia, Tabi, Bourbon, and Typica.

F6 – I can’t find any information on this variety.

Tabi – Cross of Typica, Bourbon, and Timor Hybrid (created by Centicafe and was released in 2002).

[Grapefuit, Apricot, Lime]

Hario V60

* for no real reason, I used the special water on this brew *

Anyways, I’m slacking on brewing lately and only did one brew of this through the V60 and slightly over poured/poured too fast (went to 457g instead of 400g and finished it around 2:30 when I was aiming for a tad over 3…oh well). So, it’s really bright and sweet/juicy. Lots of body too which was unique for a V60 (in my opinion).


Obviously, tons of body with the Aeropress. I typically don’t care much for Aeropress brews (muddied/lots of body), but every so often I find a coffee I REALLY enjoy through it – this is one. There were lots of grapefruit acidity upfront and maybe a little lime tartness on the back end. As it cooled, it developed a mild sweetness and the tartness picked up. I’m really digging this through the Aeropress (probably more than the V60…).

I had a bit left so I poured it back into the server with ice and swirled it a bit. Hands down the best iced Aeropress…

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


As mentioned in the beginning, their subscription service jumped out at me. When you sign up you’re sent a 100g sample of coffee and a month later you’re billed $15 and get a 12oz bag sent (roasters choice). Um, sign me up! A week later I have the Colombian I ordered + my free sample – a Kenya Ndaroini. However…the Kenya was a 12oz (333g) bag, not 100g…


Kenya Ndaroini

This was my free 100g sample for signing up to the subscription service. But…it is a 12oz bag. Not sure about that.

[Juicy Black Currants, Cherry Juice, Toasted Sugar]

Toasted sugar??? That’s a thing??? Hmm… And cherry juice?! I’m excited cause my Kenya from PERC has the same note and it’s pretty wild.

Hario V60

It drained at 2:55 so I pretty much nailed this brew in my head. This cup…very unique – dark sweetness? Anytime I get this dark note I remember being told about currants tasty this way so it’s definitely those coming through. The cherry juice came out as an oh so slight tartness. And the unique sweetness is the toasted sugar I’m assuming.

This bag (at least through the V60) reminds me a lot of the Kenya Githiga AA from PERC except less tartness from the cherry juice. I think the sweetness from the toasted sugar note tones it down a lot.


I accidentally ground this at #10 on the Encore instead of 11… OH NO. Just kidding, not a huge deal, but I’m sure some purists would regrind.

Right off the bat, the first sip hit me with a sweet, chocolate (maybe caramel even?). After talking to Populace on Instagram this makes sense cause they told me to think of caramelized sugar/the glaze on top of hot doughnuts. This in a coffee…amazing. It was so balanced – nice sweetness, perfect body, and it faded away nicely. Definitely prefer this through the Aeropress now.

Also, it’s better hot than iced. I tried swirling it with some ice and it was still good, but way better (to me) hot. Which says a lot cause 8/10 times I prefer iced coffee.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

With this being my first dealing with Populace, I’m very impressed. This should be a pretty tasty subscription, and only $15/month?! Yes, please.

Populace Coffee – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @populacecoffee


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