Tennessee Trip – Early Morning

Awake for 24+ hours … 12 hours of driving in one day …
It’s happening…

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If you follow me on Instagram you know why I drove to Tennessee. If you don’t, well I drove up here for a home roasting class at Honest Coffee Roasters in Franklin. This is my 2nd time driving up here this summer, the first being a general introduction to commercial roasting class back in June. It was awesome so of course I found a way to come back (this almost didn’t happen).

I left home WAY too early, but Atlanta traffic is the absolute worst so I’ll leave at whatever time in morning if it means I get to avoid it. I did get stuck in a traffic a couple times, but it wasn’t anything terrible. This trip has been nearly identical to the last one – Chattanooga, Nashville (minus a few stops), then Franklin.

The Daily Ration

This is a fairly new shop in Chattanooga and sits nicely on the outskirts of town. The last time I visited I got a shot of espresso and an iced coffee to go. It was great. I wanted to expand this time though.

First up – a latte using Populace Coffee’s ?new? (it’s not on the website so I don’t know…) Colombia Rio Negro. The notes are granola, salted caramel, and dark chocolate. Personally I couldn’t find the granola note, but then again I don’t eat granola. However, the caramel and dark chocolate were found and they paired so good with the milk.

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I rarely ever get singles origins as espresso (our local shop does an Ethiopian/Guat blend) so I jumped on being able to try it as a shot. They suggested a flight, which I’m glad. It came with the Colombia Rio Negro as a shot and the Velo Ethiopia Adido as a 6oz batch brew.

*I totally dropped my phone attempting to take a picture of the flight and made a mess, FAIL*

The Rio Negro was probably the best shot of espresso and latte I’ve had. I prefer it in milk though simply because it brings out the caramel and chocolate better.

Barista Parlor Golden Sound

Back in June when I visited I went to the Barista Parlor in Germantown. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized they had espresso and tonic. Bummer. I’ve been dying to try this. Since I knew I was gonna swing by there I asked E.J. if he might want anything, and he picked the Ethiopia Nikesse.

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Last minute I decided to check out the Golden Sound location (it was closer) instead of Germantown. They had the Nikesse so I bought a box and an espresso and tonic.

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Ok. Honest opinion on the espresso/tonic. It’s good, but not something I would order again. It was worth trying and I’m glad I did, but for the price it wasn’t anything amazing. It tasted almost of orange juice and espresso mixed together which is an interesting combo no doubt.

As I type this I’m sitting in the building where Honest Coffee is just hanging out in a little corner killing time. I got here way too early, especially with this area being an hour behind where I live. Oh well. It’s Netflix time…

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