Angels Cup 10th Flight

These didn’t come in until Thursday evening while I was out of town. Friday evening was my recovery time and Saturday was hectic so these didn’t get brewed up until yesterday. Better late than never.

Also…I’m TEN flights into Angels Cup. These have made such an impact in my palette development. I couldn’t recommend it enough (I say this every time).

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Honduras COMSA, Miriam Perez – Higher Grounds

[Red Ice Pop, Salty]

After opening the pack  I noticed some of the beans were a tad oily. Not terrible like a major dark roast, but they had more sheen on them than most I brew. So I figured Angels Cup might be throwing in a dark roast or something. First sip, earthy and kind of in your face. Ok, I’m guessing something from the Indonesia-ish area.

I was wrong. A Honduras with odd notes. I always flip the cards over after it cools a bit and after taking a handful of sips to “study” the coffee. I write down whatever notes come to mind then flip it over. The aftertaste usually hasn’t kicked in yet. In this case, the salty note hadn’t shown up when I flipped it over. It was definitely subtle, but as it cooled more it came out. Sounds odd and it is…but it was rather tame in this cup. I’ve had a Zambia that left my mouth tasting as if I’d ate a billion boiled peanuts. Not very pleasant.

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Costa Rica, Cumbres del Poas – Brandywine Coffee

[Raspberry, Marshmallow, Miso]

BRANDYWINE! Love these folks. A while back I got their limited Black Honey Gesha. Seriously one of the smoothest coffees… This cup was interesting. None of these three notes really stood out, but it was sweet. Sometimes notes jump out at me, but other times I just get a basic “it’s sweet”…”it’s good”…kind of reaction. Like, would I drink this again? Would I recommend it?

In this case, I would. I’d definitely like to try it again after trying out miso. They mentioned on the card that a lot of Costa Ricans taste of miso… Need to try it.

This cup got interesting as it cooled, think of cinnamon and graham crackers. YES. Cinnamon isn’t new to me. I actually LOVE it when coffees have a slight cinnamon note. Graham cracker isn’t new either, but this is the first time I’ve actually really noticed it. I think one of my current bags has a note of “graham” but I’ve yet to find it.

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Ethiopia Guji, GR1 – Brandywine Coffee

[Oolong Tea, Floral, Apricot]

MORE BRANDYWINE. I love it when Angels Cup throws in multiple offerings from the same roaster. The bean size kind of gave this origin away, they were tiny. So I safely guessed something African, but was leaning towards an Ethiopian. First sip, light body and smoothness. I guessed something African, but since it’s not tomato-y, I’ll go with Ethiopia. And with it being lighter, washed?

YUP. I nailed that one. Except for the actual notes… Oh well. But it was great. I’m not 100% if I’ve tried Oolong tea yet or not. But it’s on the list with miso now.

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Guatemala Xejuyu – Lineage Coffee

[Melon, Raspberry, Green Apple]

These beans smelled incredible after grinding. Kind of floral, maybe lavender? Hmm…light and sweet, but other than that I’m lost.

Flipped the card. LINEAGE! And not even that, but the Guat I had recently searched for. The website listed riesling as a note, sounded interesting. After googling, it says it’s an “aromatic grape variety displaying flowery, almost perfumed, aromas as well as high acidity.” That’s probably why it smelled of lavender.


Pretty fun trying something I was literally JUST searching for…

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Another solid flight from Angels Cup. Discovered a new roaster (Higher Grounds), tasted two sweet honey processed offerings from Brandywine, and tried out a new roaster I’ve been wanting to try for while. Good week!

Mentioned in the Post

Angels Cup – WEBSITE // Instagram: @angelscup

Higher Grounds – WEBSITE // Instagram: @highergroundstradingco

Brandywine Coffee Roasters – WEBSITE // Instagram: @brandywinecoffeeroasters

Lineage Coffee Roasters – WEBSITE // Instagram: @lineagecoffeeroasting



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