Recent Brews (8/29-9/4)

This week was slow again. My plan initially was to get caught up on my brewing Thursday. That didn’t happen as I ended up driving to Tennessee for a roasting class (SO WORTH IT).

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

(8/29) Kebel Aricha (PERC) // V60 01

V60 01      #15       12.5/200
(aim for 2 minutes)
finished at 2:10

[notes called for key lime and blackberry pie]

I really don’t want to give much away on this one…but HOLY CRAP. How you can make coffee smell/taste like a freaking pie is beyond me…

(8/31) Sulawesi Torajoa AA (Radio Roasters) // Aeropress

25.9g + 50g bloom for 1 MINUTE + 100g water …. plunge …. + 100g post fill
two filters (new thing)

not bad. sweet, earthy still but drinkable – light-ish body. lighter than I expected. really tasty.

So I brewed this as a regular Aeropress. Like not inverted… Um, I hated it to be honest. The inverted stubbies always sound like a pain when explaining them, but it’s SO much easier than the standard method. This was my first time trying it out. Probably the only time. Back to the yummy stubbies!!!

Sorry for an unexciting week of brews. The trip to Tennessee threw off one of my big brew days, BUT…while on that trip I tried Cascara and espresso + tonic. DUDEEE. More of those later though.


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