Home Roasting – Tastings

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Impatient me decided to attempt roasting the following day of the class. I was dead tired, BUT…it happened. Twice. It was a fairly overcast day so instead of 4 minute roasts, these were 8 and 6 minutes. Since fresh roasted coffee takes at least 24 hrs to become drinkable (you can drink it earlier, but for the best results you want to wait a bit).

Here comes Monday and I was finally able to brew these up.

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1st Roast – Laos // 100g // 8 minutes

First impressions… wow. With all things considering – it’s from a region I’ve never tried, I roasted these myself, on a POPCORN POPPER… – it was actually really good. I never drink coffee from this part of the world cause it’s always too earthy and bold. But this was definitely drinkable…way too earthy and peppery for my personal tastes though.

2nd Roast – Laos // 80g // 6 minutes

I went into this one expecting another earthy, peppery coffee. I wasn’t let down, BUT it wasn’t as bad. While brewing it smelled savory and of bell peppers. I’ve had coffee that tastes of sweet pepper and black pepper, but never bell pepper. So I sort of disregarded it.

First sip, BELL…FREAKING…PEPPER…and earthy of course. But really though, bell peppers. It was so strange, but good.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


Home roasting is pretty legit. Of course there are better roasters out there, but the fact that I got drinkable results with a 20-ish year old popcorn popper…I’ll take it all day long. Since I’m pretty much out of green beans now I’ll be putting in an order on Sweet Maria’s for different regions. I’m curious to try lighter, more floral beans from Ethiopia and see how those notes pop.  Stay tuned.


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