New Coffee [Honest Coffee]

While up in Tennessee at Honest for the roasting class I picked up a bag of their Burundi Gitwe Hill.

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This bag is a part of the Long Miles Coffee project and features their new Nitro Flushed packaging.

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Brice actually recommended this coffee to me a while back so I was glad to finally get around and try it. With notes of raspberry jam, apple cider, papaya, and red velvet cake…UM YES.

Hario V60

Dudeeee so good. I had to look at the bag again to see what the notes were, but it was so sweet and yummy, but not crazy sweet like some I’ve had lately. Very well balanced. I think the papaya was the sweetness that stood out. Towards the end a more cake-like note appeared and when it cooled down, lawddd.

*now adding papaya to the list of items to buy and taste*


This is one of the smoothest cups I’ve brewed in a long while. It wasn’t overly sweet, but kind of juicy maybe? It was fruity and combined with the creamy/smoothness thanks to Aeropress, it was perfectly balanced and awesome. I’ll probably do this entire bag with the Aeropress. That good…


I’m really glad I finally got to try out this Burundi. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s my first offering from Burundi…not sure. Prior to this, I didn’t know where it even was… If you’re ever in Nashville visiting, driving down to Franklin to check out these guys is SO worth the trip. I mean, it’s not even a trip (30 minutes, 20 miles). I can promise you that you’ll get a better experience here than you will at one of the big name shops in Nashville.

Anyways, as usual check them out and give em a follow. Great people.

WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @honestroasters


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