New Coffee [PERC]

By now my love for PERC isn’t anything new. They have a huge new lineup, including a new Colombian that just released. You bet I’ll be getting my hands on that one soon. The other week I saw that I’d be running out of the oh so good Misty Valley (a natural Ethiopian that is a major blueberry bomb). This made me sad cause their Misty Valley is no longer available.

BUT! They have another natural Ethiopian – Kebel Aricha.

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Ok, so only one of these is for me. I sent the other out to a coffee friend in Wisconsin.

And in typical PERC fashion they included a free sample.

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Ethiopia Kebel Aricha

[Key Lime + Blackberry Pie + Clean]

Key lime and blackberry pie in a coffee…?? Yeah, we’ll see.

Hario V60

Ok PERC, you win. Brewing this seriously smelled like have a fresh baked pie just chilling in the V60… HOW?!?!?! It’s so good. Pretty much dessert in a cup. After a few sips it got a tad overpowering, thinking it might be the lime element. The flavors definitely come through though. I need to brew this one again to see what happens.


This brew had a sort of pie sweetness, but it was crazy and overpowering. Nice body and smoothness, really enjoyable. The V60 is definitely a must try though cause it was like BAM…fresh baked pie.

Ethiopia Chelbessa

[Lemon-Lime + Honey + Biscoff]

Biscoff notes in coffee may sound weird, but I’ve experienced this note in a Honduras from VERVE earlier in the summer and it’s the best thing ever. I’m super excited to try this one out and see how that note comes out.

Hario V60

It was really bright upfront and smooth with a hint of lemon juice. As you go into the cup more the lemon really begins to pop, more so in the V60 than the Aeropress. Sadly I couldn’t find the biscoff note like I did in the Aeropress… SAD.


Upfront, lemon and honey smoothness. Medium body. Middle, slight baked/cookie note. As crazy as it sounds, I’ve never tried a biscoff cookie (cracker, whatever it’s considered). But based on these notes I’ve gotten in this and the other cups, I think I’d love them.


As usual, PERC kills it. Check them out if you haven’t already!

WESBITE // INSTAGRAM: @perccoffee


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