New Coffee Drinks?

Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea)

While in Tennessee last week I got to try cascara for the first time. For those that don’t know, cascara is dried coffee cherries. Coffee starts off as a cherry. It’s then processed (washed, honey, natural) and what we get in the end are actually the seeds of that cherry. Cascara is simply the outer skin of the cherry, dried, and then brewed as a tea. I pretty much fell in love with it.

This week I received a package from my good coffee buddy E.J. I had picked up a pack of coffee during my trip that he wanted and we decided to split it. He ended up sending me a “surprise”… and guess what it was… Freaking cascara. SCORE.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

This particular one is a Costa Rican from Java Pure. It has notes of tart cherry, mango, and honey. The evening it arrived I was at the coffee shop and one of the baristas is huge into tea so I shared it. He brewed up some and man, it was like a continuation from Tennessee. It tasted heavy of mango with a smooth honey aftertaste. This got me pretty excited to try it at home.

The other night I decided to try it out at home. I’d read to grind it (really coarse) or let it steep whole. At the shop we’d let it steep whole. So I ground to see how it’d change. *Quick note – the Baratza Encore doesn’t grind cascara at #35…*. Ok, it will, but towards the end it clogs up. Fast forward 10 minutes and it’s finally steeping for 5 minutes. Once done I filter it out over ice through my V60.

This brew, tons of honey with a little mango sweetness. It’s always interesting to see flavors shift depending on the brewing methods. Gotta say, I prefer the stronger honey flavor. It was interesting.

Java Pure – WEBSITE

Iced Coffee + Tonic

I’ve been sitting on a bottle of tonic water for quite a while now. I always seem to buy stuff like this with great intentions, but never get around to using it. Until yesterday. My plan was to add it to some iced coffee. In the past I’d added it to cold brew, but I’m so over cold brew right now. And in Tennessee I tried it in espresso. Interesting…and I’d try it again…but not from that place.

Anyways. I have so much coffee at the moment (definitely not a good thing when you have this much) so I was looking for one with a profile that would be interesting over ice with fizzy carbonated tonic water.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

How about grapefruit, apricot, and lime?? I’d yet to brew this one over ice.

Hario V60 03
37.5g of coffee (#15 on the Baratza Encore)
600g total (400g water // 200g ice)brewed in around 2 minutes 15 seconds
swirled around and added a bit more ice to cool it down
poured over ice
I added tonic water at about a 60/40 (60% coffee/40% tonic water)


All of those fruiting notes shine and the tonic water really picks up the intensity of the coffee and makes it super refreshing. Needless to say, that 600g of coffee and tonic water didn’t last long at all. I can’t wait to brew this up again and play around with different additions.

Populace Coffee – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @populacecoffee


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