Angels Cup 11th Flight

The other week I got to thinking – I’ve been into specialty coffee for quite a while, yet I never cup at home. I have a cupping subscription, but don’t cup them. Brewing these up as V60s is rather fun and gives me a realistic sense of how these coffees would typically brew up. Well, Friday night I bought some cups at Target to cup with.

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$3.99/each for almost perfect size porcelain cups, I’ll take it.

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How I Cupped These (and wasn’t biased/cheating)

I put 12g of coffee in each cup, ground at #20 on the Encore. Under each cup I put the empty bag (turned over so not to reveal the card #).

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Since I didn’t know the number for each cup, I flipped all the cards over and tried to put them next to whatever cup I thought was that coffee – based on the beans, smell, and taste. I actually ended up only getting one right (the Kenyan) so it was a tad harder than expected. But fun.

Writing this post (mainly about the cupping of each one minus the Kenyan) is confusing me. I had the other 3 mixed up and I’m trying to articulate my guesses vs what they actually were and I’m all confused. Haha, sorry. It’s my first time going this route, I’m learning…

*EDIT – I got it figured out.*

Kenya Keini Peaberry – Passion House

[Raisinettes, Tomato Soup]

**SIDE NOTE – I’m curious… When a shop carries a Kenyan coffee that tastes of tomato soup (a common note and sign of a “good Kenyan”), why do they always sell it without the note of tomato soup in the description. If that note is so good, why not include it? Or is supposed to be understood from the consumer perspective that buying a Kenyan means possible tomato soup coffee?**


This one wasn’t hard at all to spot on the cupping table. Peaberry beans stand out enough by themselves, but after breaking the crust and tasting it…definite tomato soup.

V60 01

I won’t even lie, I didn’t really want to brew this up. Tomato soup coffee is not my thing. But if I didn’t brew it up and give it a shot what’s the point of this blog??

So I brewed this one last as to not screw up my pallet for the remaining cups. To my surprise though, it wasn’t what I expected. While cupping it was a definite in your face tomato soup, but this cup was fine. Maybe a little sweet raisin note. Until it cooled more. And the tomato soup showed it’s face. Not terribly, but enough.

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Panama Camiseta Estate – States Coffee

[Honeysuckle, Vanilla, Pistachio, Graham Cracker]


My first ever offering from Panama so it was exciting to see this on the card. The beans made me think something African. For some reason I had this pegged as the natural Ethiopian. It had quite a bit of body to it. Once it started to cool I could see pistachio and graham cracker notes (by this point I’d revealed each one). It was heavier on the pistachio side though. Not a bad thing, something new for me.

V60 01

Looking forward to brewing this one up. First sip, really mellow sweetness. Light body and sort of tea like. Nothing in particular jumped out at me though. When cupping it was heavy on the pistachio note so I let it chill for a bit to see it that would emerge, but it never really did. Instead, it developed some kind of cooking spice flavor. I really enjoyed it, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. It was sort of a herb maybe – possibly oregano? I don’t know. Feels weird to guess, but it was definitely there.

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Ethiopia Guji Shakiso [WASHED] – Modcup Coffee

[Tea, Lime, Florals, Bergamot]


I guessed the Panama offering instead. I don’t know why, still puzzling me, but the natural version of this tasted SO tea like and floral. But nope, the washed Ethiopian.

V60 01

Another one I looked forward to brewing up. I have a washed Sidama from 1000 Faces (Athens, GA) that has a note of bergamot. Took a Google search to learn what that is, but now I can see what it is.

Man, this reminds me so much of that Sidama I have. It’s really bright and has a light body. Very tea like and pretty much your typical washed Ethiopian, but still tasty.

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Ethiopia Guji Shakiso [NATURAL]- Modcup Coffee

[Blueberry, Grape Candy, Milk Chocolate]


This smelled super floral after grinding. Each sip (slurp) was bright and tea like. Definitely thought it was the washed Ethiopian. As it cooled (and after revealing) it got really blueberry-y. Which is odd, cause 99% of the other natural Ethiopians I’ve brewed have been heavy berry-like upfront, not on the back end.

V60 01

Curious to see if it brews up the same as it cupped – more blueberry on the back end. Yup, not a huge blueberry bomb like some natural Ethiopians I’ve had. It does have this unique aftertaste that I’ve been tasting a lot in naturals. Not even going to try explaining it. It’s weird. As the cup cools though it did mellow out and the cup got a lot sweeter and more fruity. Like this card says, you have to give this one time. I never would’ve guessed it was a natural in the beginning.

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Cupping, revealing, then brewing was an awesome (yet confusing) change. This flight was awesome. I finally got to try my hand at cupping, wasn’t great, but it was fun to see how brewing these up really brings out certain notes more (and vice versa). The tomato in the Kenyan shined more in the cupping than in a V60 – didn’t expect that at all. Also finally tried States Coffee (I LOVEEEEEE their packaging – simple and black) and Modcup Coffee. Pretty sure I’ve tried Modcup, but never went to their site until this weekend. Their coffee truck is freaking B.A. I’ve always wondered how a coffee truck (like a food truck) could do. Pretty inspiring.

Overall, really great flight this weekend. Thanks Angels Cup!

Mentioned in the Post

Angels Cup – WEBSITE // Instagram: @angelscup

Modcup Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @modcupcoffee

Passion House Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @passionhousecoffee

States Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @statescoffee


**Save 25% on your first flight by using the code “CoffeeHunter7245”.**



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