Recent Brews (9/4-9/11)

This week was more like it should be – so much brewing!

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

(9/5) Home Roast – Loas

(6 minute roast)

V60 01 #15 12.5/200
— @ 2:17
smelled savory when brewing (also bell pepper)
1st sip – earthy and bell pepper

I’ve had sweet peppers as a note, but never bell peppers.

(9/5) Barista Parlor – Ethiopia Nikesse

V60 01 #15 12.5/200
— @ 2:19
(notes of white grape, raspberry jam, and peach)

as cools, it’s good. sweet and bright.
juicy. however…it’s not worth what I paid. luckily I split the cost, but
still wasn’t anything outstanding. pair that with the service, it’s nothing

[With that said, BP has some really incredible branding and packaging, but
you can only cover up things so much…]

(9/7) Honest – Burundi

Aeropress Stubby      26 // 50 + 100 + 100

one of the smoothest cups I’ve brewed since the black honey gesha
from Brandywine. not overly sweet, but juicy? still fruity, but not crazy.
the Aeropress body makes it the right balance of creamy and smooth.
awesome cup

(9/10) Java Pura – Costa Rican Cascara

For some reason I decided to try a cold brew cascara. Sounded good in
my head.

50g/600g – steeped for 24 hrs. it smells pretty amazing
first sip, oh no… it’s strong and salty/raisin-y.

“hey, let’s add tonic water!”
It got better with enough tonic water…

I brewed so much more, but if you’ve read my Angels Cup post from yesterday then you already know about those. I’m working on starting a new morning routine so hopefully I can get through more of this awesome coffee I have.


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