Angels Cup 12th Flight

So this week I didn’t cup. And one coffee didn’t make the cut. Enjoy the 3 that did though. They were pretty insane.

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Colombia – Huila, Estrella del Ostro – Crema Coffee

[Yogurt, Citrus, Melon, Nougat]

Smooth, almost creamy body and a tad honey-ish. Really sweet cup.

I didn’t guess any of those notes, which doesn’t surprise me, but I don’t see how I didn’t get the nougat note. I’ve been able to find that in the past. I did sort of describe it, just didn’t link it to nougat. But as usual, Crema killed it. I’ve had so many amazing offerings from them.

*The website says that this cups as a Kenyan. As it cooled I could definitely detect a touch of tomato. Weird.*

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Ethiopia Illubador Sota – Commonwealth Coffee

[Peach, Lemonade, YooHoo]

I actually wrote down that my pallet sucked on this one. It tasted sweet, fruity, and possibly light chocolatey-ness. Couldn’t tell much.

Flipped the card over and I actually got really close, just not that specific. But “YooHoo”??? I took a few more sips and waited. Um… THAT’S FREAKING YOOHOO. So crazy, but true.

Being a washed Ethiopian it wasn’t that tea like, but I had a little left in the server so I added ice to see what would happen. The peach/lemonade really shined then. I checked the website for it, but it’s not there. Sad…

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Kenya Nyeri Nieni AA – Commonwealth Coffee

[Raisin, Chocolate, Banana Bread]

Nothing stood out too much on this one, but I enjoyed it. It had a nice balance, not crazy sweet, maybe a tad acidic. I would’ve never guessed a Kenyan. It said as it cooled it’d change a lot so I waited.

It did. Tomatoes came out, but was drinkable. I think I’m slowly developing a slight appreciation and tolerance for tomato notes. Still weird though. I don’t know what winter spice is though. And I’ve not had enough banana bread to see it in the coffee. But it was dang good.

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I shared this on Instagram, but this is the Kenyan over some ice and milk. Since it was brewed as regular old V60 is wasn’t too strong and didn’t shine through the milk as well as it would’ve as an Aeropress stubby.

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


Minus the one coffee not making it, this was an incredible week. I mean, coffee with the aftertaste of a YOOHOO?! So freaking good. Crema killed it (duh) and getting to try Commonwealth was pretty sweet. I’m going to be putting in a order with them soon and my selection might just surprise you… AND if you haven’t, check out their packaging. It’s sick!

**Save 25% on your first flight by using the code “CoffeeHunter7245”.**

Mentioned in the Post

Angels Cup – WEBSITE // Instagram: @angelscup

Crema Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @cremacrema

Commonwealth Coffee – WEBSITE // Instagram: @commonwealthcoffee




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