We Had A Moment…

Last week my mom and I headed up to Atlanta to spend the day for her birthday. She’d never been to Ponce City Market so that was our primary destination and goal for the day. We actually managed to take back roads 95% of the way, it was pretty awesome. On the way we swung by this wholesale place at the Forest Park farmers market. She got cake stuff and I bought plastic cups, lids, and straws. Random, but I’ve been wanting some for a while to take iced coffee (and now tea) with me in the car.

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After leaving there it was on to Ponce City Market. They have a really awesome coffee shop/kiosk called Spiller Park Coffee. Their menu online showed that they have guest roasters – Phil & Seb, Four Barrel Coffee, Reanimator Coffee, and Intelligentsia. LOVEEEEE. I got really excited. I had coffee on the drive up so I decided to wait until after we wandered around the shops a little while.

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Specialty chocolate is unfamiliar territory for me, but I knew one of the stores there had chocolate from Xocolatl (a specialty chocolate maker in Atlanta – SHOP LOCAL). It wasn’t set up in the same spot, but I did manage to find it. They had a pretty decent selection to choose from and a bar called the Americana ended up winning. It supposedly had notes of vanilla, pie spices, and apples. Some of the other bars had notes of various berry fruits and whatnot, but if you offer me pie/apple notes…I’m sold.

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On the way out my mom wanted a drink so while she did that I went back to Spiller Park and got a pour over. I’ve had a ton of Colombians lately and switched it up (kind of) with a Costa Rican. Ok, so I’ve had a bunch of Costa Ricans too, but I like them. I didn’t think to ask beforehand cause I wanted to try out Phil & Seb, but this Costa Rican was from Reanimator. I’ve seen them around on social media, but haven’t stayed up to date on their offerings. Let’s be honest…that’s pretty much impossible to do.

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(the cup came with a sleeve but of course I had to photograph this little detail)

**TIMEOUT – Real quick, just want to say that Spiller Park Coffee is freaking awesome. While admittedly I’m not a huge baseball fan, I can definitely appreciate the baseball theme. On top of that, the service was friendly and quick. Service at another shop has been questionable lately so it was a pretty refreshing experience.**

Ok. We went outside and sat cause it was a really nice morning. I’d taken a few sips of the coffee and even while scolding hot you could tell it was going to be good. I looked up the notes – vanilla, coconut, honey, and a gentle white wine acidity. I should also note this was brewed on a Kalita Wave.

After unwrapping the chocolate and oogling over the prettiness and taking pictures, I tried it. Dude. I don’t even really like chocolate all that much, but this was incredible. Worth the price? Absolutely. Without thinking I washed it down with a sip of coffee.

I about lost my mind. The explosion of apple pie in my mouth was unreal. I immediately broke off another piece, chewed it up, and swallowed it down with a bigger sip of coffee. LAWDDDDD. That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. Sounds crazy, but go to Ponce and try it. Americana bar from Xocolatl (in Citizen Supply) and the Costa Rican from Spiller Park. That’s about $15, but I promise you…if you like apples and chocolate and coffee…do it.

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It’s weird to be making that big of deal over coffee and some chocolate, but small batch/specialty goods are incredible experiences. Who knew coffee could taste that good? Who knew chocolate could taste that good? Who knew combining the two could lead to an apple explosion in your mouth? It’s insane.

This journey into coffee has been eye opening as to what all is out there and the different possibilities of one item – coffee. Growing up we all think of coffee as the Folgers (or whatever brand) that our parents/grandparents drank. The coffee that we’d try as a kid and think it was so freaking strong and horrible. But now when you taste specialty coffee and give it a chance black, you’re shown that coffee doesn’t have to taste bad. It can taste like blueberries, strawberries, peaches, honey, grapes, chocolate, banana bread, pixie sticks, you name it.

I really hope that last paragraph didn’t come across as snobbish…



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