New Coffee [D&W // Ladro]

NEW COFFEE! This will be a sort of part one of new coffee for the week. More will make its way to the blog tomorrow.

So the other week or whenever, I ordered a bag of Rwanda Hingakawa from Dapper & Wise. Shortly after that, I received a Kenyan from Ladro as part of the Coast2Coast coffee swap. Enjoy!

Rwanda Hingakawa – Dapper & Wise

[Kiwi, Fruit Leather, Limeade]

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This isn’t technically a new coffee for me. A while back I ordered their 3 pack sampler and it was included. I pretty much fell in love with it, especially iced.

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My pallet wasn’t as developed at the time (it’s actually grown quite a bit in that short amount of time), but the fruit leather note really stood out to me, along with the nice little limeade kick at the end.

Why I bought another bag is beyond me. I freaking love the coffee and I’m so glad I did buy it (it’s almost gone), but it’s rare for me to ever buy the same bag twice. Plus I’m not sure what sparked me visiting the site again. Anyways, I’m glad I did. The second time around was even more enjoyable.

Fun fact – This coffee as an iced V60 with tonic water added is AMAZING.

D&W are one of my favorites and they offer sample kits with 3 60g bags of coffee. It’s perfect for trying out their offerings. Sadly, this Rwandan is no longer available from what I could tell, but their Highbrow Blend is the bomb as well. It’s one of very few blends that I’d be tempted to buy a 12oz bag of.

Check em out! WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @dapperandwise

Kenya Kiamaina – Ladro Roasting

[Persimmon, Grape Jam, and Juicy Body]

Last month I came across a cool little service called Coast2Coast Roast. Imagine being paired up pen pal style with a fellow coffee enthusiast on the other side of the country. SIGN ME UP! Earlier in the month I got an email with my coffee pals information. I would be trading coffee with a guy named Michael from Seattle (INSTAGRAM: @heythatsneat). I sent him a bag from our local roaster Safehouse Coffee Roasters and in return got this bag of Kenyan from Ladro Roasting. Also, check out the sweet postcard that was included.

You’ve gotta appreciate the micro lot goodness too.

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Ok, not even going to lie…seeing a Kenyan scared me (my face looked like his a little bit…). I’ve seen notes of persimmon before in coffee. While it’s not a tomato, but it’s close enough without saying tomato. I’m slowly working on building up my acceptance of tomato notes in coffee. So here goes.

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Dang, not bad at all. It’s a touch tomato-y, but I’m digging it. Incredibly sweet. I haven’t brewed a ton of it yet, but every cup so far has been really enjoyable. A lot more so than I expected considering it plainly says persimmon on the bag.

Check em out!
Ladro Roasting – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @ladroroasting
Coast2Coast Roast – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @coast2coastroast

I hope you guys enjoy reading about the new coffee I order and get sent. I’ll have 4 more new samples posted tomorrow that I’m really excited to share.

Get excited!

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