New Coffee [9/21]

E.J. and I have been swapping coffee for a good little bit now. Everything he send me is always top notch and never disappoints. The other week we were talking about having so much coffee in our stashes and he mentioned having some to send me. When he shared who all he was sending I about flipped out.

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You see that bag in the top right labeled “Wendelboe”…? Um. YESSSSSSS. I’ll share why I’m so excited on this one down below.

Given the amount of each of these I’ll probably be brewing up smaller V60 01s (12.5/200).

Colibri (Guatemala) – Merit Roasting Co

Hey, a new roaster! These guys have an awesome website. And shirts, hats, hoodies. Take my monies. Anyways, a Guatemalan. Sadly I’m not too familiar with these. With the notes of this coffee however, I’m really looking forward to brewing it up.

[Peach, Mandarin Orange, Brownies]

Sweet upfront with a unique aftertaste. Took a second…but fudge richness. After finishing the cup I had a nice little acidic tinglyness lingering on my tongue.

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Sonora Natural (Costa Rica) – Amaya Roasting Co

Amaya isn’t a new roaster for me, but it’s one I really like thanks to E.J. introducing me to them during our first coffee swap (I think it was the first one). 95% of the naturals I’ve had are from Ethiopia so I’m looking forward to a little change. I want to say E.J. sent me this same coffee in our first swap, but if so that’s been a good ways back so I’m excited to give it another go if that’s the case. Also, these notes…holy crap it sounds delicious.

I love when roasters can give you a little summary on the farm/farmers that produced the coffee. In this case, it comes from a farmer that Amaya has been dealing with for 3 years and it’s actually an Amaya Roasting Co exclusive.

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[Strawberry Compote, Banana, Dark Chocolate]


This is definitely one of the most solid naturals I’ve had recently. I was expecting your typical berry bomb and weird aftertaste that so many naturals have been giving me lately. However, in this cup is super sweet and reminds me of strawberries dipped in sugar, which is like my favorite thing ever. If you’ve never tried that…DO IT. As it cools it gets a little more chocolaty. The sweetness and aftertaste as it cools would be as close as I can come to finding bananas.


Ever since trying iced coffee with tonic water, I really don’t drink much straight up iced coffee anymore. Adding tonic water brightens it up so much. There’s nothing wrong with regular iced coffee, but once you try it with tonic water it’s hard to go back. But this cup was really berry/lemon-y. So good.

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Ignacio Gutierrez Imperial Reserve (El Salvador) – Spyhouse Coffee

Spyhouse has been on my radar, but my attention span sucks and other coffees roasters catch my attention. I’m really looking forward to brewing this up. It’s still available on their website so I’m curious… It says it has an effervescent mouth feel of lemon lime soda. Hmm.

[Raspberry Scone, Papaya, Pink Lemonade]

Upfront there’s a deep note. The aftertaste is definitely a tart/sour lemonade like finish. As it started to barely cool the deep note mellowed out and it was even more enjoyable.

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Nano Challa (Ethiopia) – Tim Wendelboe

Let’s be real, you probably came here for this one. For those that don’t know…Tim Wendelboe is a coffee roaster from Norway. Yeah, this traveled from Norway to the US. A bag of this stuff plus shipping to the states pushes $50. It’s not a bag I’ll be ordering anytime soon.

So why the big fuss? Wendelboe is legendary. The quality is beyond next level. The man even owns his own coffee farm in Colombia. How many roasters can say that they OWN a farm?? Barely any. He’s huge in the educational side of coffee and he’s just one that you rarely get to try in the states unless you plan on paying $50/bag. Which I’m not. But luckily E.J. got his hands on a bag and was super generous to send me a small sample.

Enough rambling…let’s brew it…

[Citrus, Stonefruit, Flowers]

Since I only have a small amount I brewed up a V60 01 for starters (12.5/200) and I’m going to save/savor the remainder. So, my initial reaction…it’s good, but not amazing. Like I’ve tasted equally as good coffee. The thing about specialty coffee in my eyes is that everybody (the roasters really making a new for themselves) is doing killer work. You’d have to try extremely hard to find bad coffee. So when it comes to all the good stuff, there’s so much out there that it’s impossible to ever describe a cup as “the best you’ve tasted”.

With that said, the body/mouth feel/drinkability of this cup is beyond anything I can recall trying. And I’m just not saying that because it’s Tim Wendelboe. It’s tea like, but unlike the majority of washed Ethiopians I’ve tried, this one has depth. It’s not just light and tasty and gone in an instant. It has character. This isn’t to knock other roasters and their washed Ethiopians. One of the first ever coffees I fell in love with brewing at home was a washed Yirg.

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I freaking love coffee swaps. E.J. killed it on this one. Huge thanks again to him, especially for sending the Tim Wendelboe. So many good cups from this batch.

Expect another a “New Coffee” post in the coming week as my latest bag from Populace is headed this way.


E.J. – he now has a coffee dedicated Instagram:

Merit Roasting Co. – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @meritroastingco

Amaya Roasting Co – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @amayaroastingco

Spyhouse Coffee – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @spyhousecoffee

Tim Wendelboe – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @timwendelboe


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