Cold Brew … Revisited

Yeah, we’re back to cold brew. After listening to The Coffee Podcast‘s Home Brew Series they mentioned bad cold brew. What they meant is that there are some crazy ratios out there 1:4, 1:8 (basically SUPER concentrated). They mentioned doing it like a normal brew (1:15-1:17) and going from there and that it’s more drinkable. The flavors of the coffee come out more. Of course, hearing that sparked me to try it out for myself.

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Large Jar

25g Kenya Mamuto AA (George Howell). It’s well off roast, but I was curious how the darker notes of plum, raisin, blackberry, and black cherries would play out in a cold brew. As an flash chilled V60 it’s outstanding.

Small Jar

12g home roasted Laos. I’ve been sitting on about five home roasts. This particular one was my 3rd roast and I felt it was the more consistent looking of all. It smells quite awesome. Coming from that particular region you already know it’s going to earthy and for me…that’s not too enjoyable.

*For the Coffee Geeks*

Both were ground on the Baratza Encore at #30. I started these around 8pm last night and filtered them at 8:30am this morning. When starting the brew I hit each one with a hot water bloom for 5 minutes (large jar – 100g bloom, small jar – 50g bloom). I set the caps on top to trap the heat. No stirring. After the 5 minutes were up, I used room temperature Brita filtered water to fill each one to the proper amount for the 1:16 ratio (large jar – 400g, small jar – 200g). Now I stirred each one, 5 times (if that’s important to know). They were immediately refrigerated overnight for about 12 hrs. This morning I pre wet V60 filters and used those to clean up the cold brew. If you click the VIDEO link below you can watch that process.



After filtering I added ice to each and took a few sips. The Kenya Mamuto AA was actually really good. Those darker notes stood out and it was refreshing. Sweet, but still dark. The home roasted Laos however, woooo. It had a definite bite to it. Drinkable, but not something I would make again.


I still like brewing up iced V60s, but it’s nice knowing I can be lazy and throw a 1:16 cold brew together and have something really drinkable now.


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