New Coffee [Populace]

Last month I signed up for a monthly coffee subscription through Populace Coffee. I was already ordering their Colombia La Esperanza and my first bag in the subscription was the Kenya Ndaroini. By now it’s known that I have a love/hate relationship with Kenya. That tomato soup though… But the Ndaroini was SO freaking good. Along with the La Esperanza, this is the fastest I’ve ever gone through 2 bags at one time.

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So I’ll be real for a second, I actually forgot all about having the subscription for a bit. Got caught up in other coffees and life, then got the email saying the order was being processed. I hopped on their website and started browsing the options. Their El Salvador sounds amazing so I was secretly hoping for that, but hey…I’ll just order it in the near future. It was set to arrive Saturday and as I left work I got excited. I hate knowing that I’m getting mail cause then I’ll like a little kid – “is it here yet? is it here yet?”.

Then it arrived. I’ve been trying to spice up the Instagram lately so I did a sort of live unboxing through the new stories section. Figured we’d see it for the first time together.

*WordPress won’t let me add the video. Sad. BUT, I have a small announcement coming soon…*

Kenya Rutuma

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Their website says “it’s a beauty filled with lots of florals, intense grapefruit acidity, and savory body”. Sign me up, although I’m curious on the savory body (thinking it could be a way of saying tomato without saying tomato).

This coffee comes to us courtesy of the Rutuma Cooperative Society, an organization comprised of seven factories located on the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya, in the Nyeri District: Karie Factory, Kianjogu Factory, Ruthagati Factory, Ngandu Factory, Marua Factory, Ndurutu Factory, and Githima Factory. – Cafe Imports 

After finding it on Cafe Imports, it says tomatoes… This will be interesting.

First Brew – V60 03 (25/400)

Another killer Kenyan from Populace. It does have a sweet tomato like flavor, maybe more on the lines of persimmons? The body is pretty heavy for a V60, but it plays well with the odd sweetness/richness.

I did the brew a TAD different though. On the back of the bag it lists various methods of brewing. Under the V60 is gives a recipe and says after the bloom, pour to the end amount over 60 seconds. So for me, I did a 45 second bloom and for the next 60 seconds I slowly poured to 400g. This isn’t terribly different than how I usually brew, but it did finish a bit shorter than normal. I want to say it stopped at around 2:15. Typically I hit around 2:45.

Thanks to a recent podcast I’m paying more attention to my brews. I never get an undrinkable cup, but my times are a little erratic – between 2:15-3:00, depending on the size of the brew. Hopefully this Thursday I can play around with the grind size and see what happens.

But that’s for another post. As for this Kenyan, I’m excited to brew it up some more. And this subscription is so good.

Populace Coffee – WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM: @populacecoffee




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