Changes Coming

Don’t worry, they’re awesome.

I try to stay away from analytics, but sometimes it’s helpful to see what’s working, not working, and how you’re progressing. This blog began back in June as a random little idea for me to track what I’m brewing. If anybody visited it, awesome. If not, that’s cool too cause ultimately I’m doing this for myself. But after looking at my stats the other week I noticed a gradual increase in traffic since June. Each month beats the previous in views and visitors. To some my stats would be laughable. To me though, it’s freaking awesome. The fact that you guys take the time to read my ramblings, THANK YOU.

So what changes are coming?


First off, a new website. When I was into photography I got really hooked on SquareSpace. Since this blog started as a random idea, I didn’t see the point in spending nearly $20/month on a blog. Now that I’ve gained a good bit of traction and support, it’s time for a change. Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on getting that set up.

Secondly, new domain name. I wanted to do this from the start, but it was taken and now I have another idea. It’s a bit pricey, but it’ll be worth it.

Next, an official looking logo for the new website and Instagram.

VIDEO. This past weekend I shared a random time lapse of me filtering some cold brew and it got 400 views in the first day. That’s just insane…

There are a few other ideas I’m playing with, but I won’t announce them just yet. Got to keep some surprises.


As things grow changes need to be made to accommodate. This hasn’t drastically taken off, but it’s done SO much better than I ever could have guessed. A free WordPress blog is great, but I feel like I could do much more with a “fancier” blog and bring you guys an even better experience.

I’m excited. Hope you are. Have a great weekend!




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