Ethiopians (Sweet Maria’s)

While writing last weeks Angels Cup post I got a hankering for ordering some new green coffee. It’s been on my to-do list ever since getting back from the home roasting class earlier this month. As usual, life gets in the way. But I finally did it.

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Ethiopia Tolmariam Goljo

Light to middle roasts have panela sugar sweetness, juicy body, and flavors of dried apple, and jasmine tea. There is a stone fruit skin like flavor in the finish, fading to tea tannin mouth feel. – Sweet Maria’s

With only a pound of these on hand, I wasn’t able to really run through the sample roasting like I should’ve. The idea didn’t come to me until the end. Since I had already promised this batch of coffee to people I really wanted to do consistent roasts and get it sent out.

My problem with the Ethiopians was that I was only getting a 13-14% weight loss through all the batches. The V60 brew tasted good, but seemed to be lacking. It was sweet and drinkable, nothing jumped out at me though. Considering how it was roasted (popcorn popper), I’ll take it. The aftertaste was weird though. It calls for a “tea tannic mouthfeel”…I don’t know what that is, but if it’s what the aftertaste I had was…not too great.

#1 – 5:39 (13%) – this roast was a bit rushed (happened at the same the Goljo was roasted at 5:40) and after getting 13% I decided to extend it 1 minute to see if it’d lose more
#2 – 6:30 (13%) – it didn’t.
#3 – 6:30 (14%) – ok, now to 14%, but I removed quite a few quakers…
#4 -6:39 (14%) – went a bit longer on accident, but still 14%

The problem I’m facing with the popcorn popper is that the beans start getting really brown at 6 minutes so I’m worried about going further (7+) and running the risk of getting oily beans. Once I get some more in I’m going to a test roast by pushing the beans to the limit and see where they start to get oily, then back down the next few roasts and find that sort of sweet spot.

Ethiopia Gedeo Zone, Gedeb Asasa

Floral jasmine aroma, with turbinado sugar sweetness, sweet lime and graham cracker crust accents. Wonderful brewed, and amazing espresso: tangy citrus, chocolate syrup, and fruit highlights. – Sweet Maria’s

As stated above, roasting these weren’t really an issue, I just didn’t have enough beans to really run through it like I wanted.

#1 – 5:40 (13%) – initial roast, really rushed…
#2 – 6:30 (14%) –  got this one to reach  14%, still not enough.
#3 – 6:30 (14%) – another 14%
#4 -6:45 (13%) – I decided to push this one a touch extra, not much, and it went to 13%

The brew of this one has a different kind of sweetness and was much more enjoyable for me. By far my favorite.


I’m buying more of these, especially the two Ethiopians. These roasts are probably a touch underdeveloped, but it goes back to me being a bit nervous on pushing it too far considering I had offered these beans already. My mistake. Hopefully if that’s the case, those that wanted samples will let me rebound myself with another round of beans.

Also, check out this package job I did. Pretty sweet. If the coffee tastes bad at least the bags look cool.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


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